The iPhone 15 Pro May Feature Capacitive Touch And Customisable 'Action' Buttons

It works similarly to 3D touch buttons.

Cover image via anonymous/MacRumours

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The upcoming iPhone 15 models are rumoured to be sporting capacitive touch buttons in lieu of mechanical buttons

Image via Forbes

Capacitive touch buttons are flat buttons that are triggered when your finger comes into contact with them — it utilises the electrical properties of the human body as input. Instead of pressing down a button, you just need to gently touch to activate a button. It works similarly to 3D touch buttons.

An anonymous user on MacRumours' forums recently posted that the capacitive buttons will feature a dedicated low-energy microprocessor that will sense user presses and hold gestures.

Additionally, you may be able to turn the volume up or down by sliding or swiping on the capacitive volume rocker.

Aside from that, the iPhone 15 Pro variants may also come with a customisable ‘Action’ button

The 'Action' button can be used as a mute switch, to toggle the phone's flashlight, activate low power mode, and more.

Finally, here's a render of how the capacitive may look like on the iPhone 15 Pro:

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