[FACT OR FAKE #21] It's Dangerous to Talk on Your Phone While Charging it

Recent reports of people getting electrocuted while answering their phone while it's being charged has created quite an uproar among the cell phone users. So we decided to get to the bottom of the truth to find out the dangers of talking on your phone while charging it.

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Is it dangerous to talk on the phone while charging it?

There are several cases of cell phones catching fire or exploding all of a sudden, thereby causing injuries to their owners. Most of these incidents seemed to have happened while the phone in question was charging.

This year in 11 July, a 23-year-old Chinese stewardess Ma Ailun was allegedly killed by her charging iPhone 5. Here's her story:

And in July 10 2013, a Galaxy S3 exploded in woman’s pocket causing third degree burns

So are phones really safe while they are on charging mode?

So are phones really safe while they are on charging mode?

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One of the greatest inventions of the 21st century, a cell phone is a device that has changed the face of communication. It's powered by a battery which gets exhausted when using the phone, and needs to be charged regularly.

While charging, cell phones have, at times, exploded and caused electrocutions and fires. However, these have been linked to faulty or damaged batteries or unauthorized charging cords.

Conclusion? It's neither fact nor fake.

FAKE: Using cell phones while they are being recharged poses a general and serious danger of electrocution. FACT: Cell phone batteries can sometimes explode and/or start fires.
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To prevent such mishaps from occurring, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends certain safety precautions:

1) Do not use fake batteries or chargers. 2) Do not speak on the phone while it is charging. 3) Plug off the mobile as soon as it is fully charged. Do not let the battery overheat.

4) Do not charge a wet phone as the mobile phone circuit can be seriously damaged, and a current passing through the wet phone can cause it to explode. So, wait till the phone has dried up properly, and only then charge the phone.
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5) Damaged batteries should be replaced immediately. Avoid tampering with the battery and bringing it in contact with other metal objects in the vicinity of the phone.

6) Avoid placing the mobile near heating appliances, or areas where it may get overheated, like sunlight, kitchen stove or gas, microwave oven, iron, or other radiation-emitting appliance.

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