It Might Cost You More Than RM4,500 To Buy The New iPhone 8

Apple wants to make your wallet bleed.

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Another year, another new iPhone.

Apple is expected to unveil its latest smartphone, the iPhone 8 or whatever the company decides to call it, later this year.

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The iPhone 8, tipped by some to arrive as the "iPhone Edition" or "iPhone X" will be Apple's 10th-anniversary smartphone. Rumours and leaks have suggested that the device will be the first to debut wireless charging tech, a curved AMOLED display, and an unusual vertical dual rear-facing camera.

Amidst the slew of rumours and leaks, an analyst from JP Morgan said the entry-level iPhone 8 model with 128GB will start at USD1,100 (RM4,712)

A concept render of an edge-to-edge iPhone display.

Image via Apple Insider

JP Morgan analyst Rod Hall also suggested that the 256GB model will retail for USD1,200 (RM5,141).

The hike in selling price is largely due to the increased cost of components the device will feature, such as a large OLED display and advanced 3D camera sensors on the back.

Hall said Apple’s next-gen iPhone will hit store shelves in September, albeit in limited quantities

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Previous reports have suggested that the device won't launch until October or even December, due to issues related to embedding a fingerprint reader into the phone's screen.

Regardless of the new iPhone 8 price, we are entirely confident that the new device will be a big hit with Apple fans

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This has been the case with every previous iPhone release, and is set to continue when the iPhone 8 hits the stores. Apple has achieved a level of brand loyalty and market penetration that no other smartphone manufacturer can seriously rival.

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