A High Tech Japanese Bra That Only Opens If She's "Truly In Love"

It’s a chastity belt for breasts!

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To commemorate its 10th anniversary Japanese lingerie manufacturer Ravijour has released a bra which has the potential to change hook ups and possibly put an end to the ‘walk of shame’

Japanese lingerie company Ravijour doesn't want its customers to settle for anything less than true love. That's why it developed the True Love Tester, a bra with a mission to keep its contents contained until the wearer is really head over heels.
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The “true love tester” bra is the world’s first scientifically engineered undergarment for women that actually reads your body’s signals.

The ‘True Love tester’ as it is called is no ordinary bra, it is more like a chastity belt of the 21st century

Ravijour calls it "a revolutionary bra that knows how women truly feel." A promotional video implies the brassiere could help save women from one-night stands with less-than-savory men.
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It seems the bra cannot be unhooked without “true love” and will literally pop off of the wearer upon finding that special someone.

Here’s how the technology works:

The bra has built-in sensors that measures the wearer’s heart-rate. The data collected by the sensors is sent to a special app on your phone.
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The app then analyzes the heart-rate of the wearer

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If the wearer’s heart-rate reaches a predetermined limit, the bra unhooks by itself

The Ravijour team behind the bra says it could become a valuable companion for women the world over, but there is no word on pricing or availability yet

Ravijour, a company who’s slogan is “We do anything for women,” advertises their exploding bra as “an instrument to test for true love” and is part of their “Mood Up” campaign to celebrate the company’s 10 year anniversary.

So calm down everyone, this is science. Science that makes THIS happen:

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