JPJ Officers May No Longer Sit Next To You During Practical Driving Tests

Gone are the days of fumbling with the gear changes as the JPJ officer stares at your mishap.

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The Road Transport Department (JPJ) has recently announced a new method for obtaining your driving licence

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JPJ introduced the electronic driving test system (eTesting) through a pilot project in three driving institutes nationwide. Transport Minister Anthony Loke stated that more driving institutes will start offering e-testing evaluations in April.

With this new system, learners undergoing driving tests will no longer have JPJ officers present beside them. Instead, evaluations will be conducted remotely in real-time from a control room using multiple cameras and sensors placed on the circuit. The system will assess practical tests such as the slope test, the three-point turn test, parallel parking, and more.

E-testing comes with a slew of benefits

During a visit to a driving school on Tuesday, 5 March, Loke announced that students who fail elements of the practical driving test will have the opportunity to retake those portions on the same day at no extra cost.

Additionally, these candidates will receive priority in queues over standard test candidates, and will also benefit from a RM10 rebate when obtaining their Learner's Driving Licence (LDL). The minister further stated that driving schools can only charge a maximum of RM100 extra for candidates opting for eTesting.

Loke also said that the new system will be more efficient

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Loke expressed hope that the new system would enhance the integrity of JPJ's driving test and streamline the operations of driving institutes, aiming for overall improvement in the process.

"With eTesting, up to 150 candidates can take the KPP02 in a single day while only needing two JPJ officers to monitor the system in the control room," said Loke at the driving school.

"This will make it easier and faster for both candidates and officers when issuing licences. It will also reduce the interaction between officers and candidates, which can restore integrity and credibility to the driving test and JPJ as a whole," he added.

Currently, only three driving schools offer the e-testing method, with more institutions planned to adopt the technology in the near future

The electronic test will be offered by Surfine Hitech Driving Institution in Selangor, Berjaya Bhd Driving Training Centre in Ulu Tiram, Johor, and Institut Lima Bintang Abadi Sdn Bhd in Penang.

Loke said that there are three more system providers currently going through the approval process.

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