This App Is Perfect If You're Lazy To Read The News But Wanna Be In The Know

Just sit back, goyang kaki, and the app will send you what you need to know each day!

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2022 was an eventful year, with sooo many things happening at once!

With all the news that was taking place and the constant updates, it must have been tough to keep track of everything, especially if you're the kind who's lazy to read the news, hehe.

Well, if you're thinking of picking up better reading habits or just wanna be in the know as we approach 2023, we've gotchu covered!

The Lumi News app is your one-stop platform for staying updated. The best part? The app will send you what you need to know each day!

The Lumi News app currently hosts over 50 trusted news sites in Malaysia, covering both news portals and lifestyle platforms like SAYS.

Readers can also instantly be notified of trending news content when they 'follow' their favourite publishers on the app. Basically, Lumi gives Malaysians direct, uninterrupted access to sources they know and trust, all in one app.

Just sit back, goyang kaki, and let Lumi News deliver the latest news directly to you!

While some of us rely on social media to get our news, it can be quite tiring having to deal with nasty comments, hot takes, and fake news

Instead of chancing upon news on social media, or solely relying on news retold by friends, the Lumi News app is a convenient, reliable source of information for Malaysians. Plus, it's easy to cross-check news reported by credible sites and verify the legitimacy of viral stories all within the app.

You can also cut through the chaos of social media and access a curated feed of articles based on the hottest topics via the Lumi News Stacks feature. 

Users can download the Lumi News app for free here or by searching for 'Lumi News' on Google Play, the App Store and AppGallery

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