Carousell Malaysia Sees An Increase Of Almost 30% In Huawei Listings On Its Platform

The jump comes after Google announced it will suspend business operations with Huawei Technologies.

Cover image via Techblogger/Carousell (Edited by SAYS)

News of Google cutting ties with Huawei left many users in a panic - and Malaysians were no exception

Google announced a complete suspension of business operations with Huawei Technologies yesterday, 20 May.

The move comes after the US government made a decision to add the Chinese company to a trade blacklist on 16 May.

Image via Carousell

In the few hours after the announcement was made, Huawei users raced to sell off their phones on online marketplace Carousell.

Many of the listed phones were almost brand new units.

Mashable Southeast Asia noted a similar occurrence on Carousell's home ground, Singapore.

In fact, Carousell Malaysia told SAYS that it saw a near 30% increase in listings for Huawei products on its platform

Compared to the day before the announcement, Carousell saw a 29.06% increase in Huawei-related listings on its platform.

The overall increase in users who listed Huawei products saw a 28.57% increase.

However, Huawei users do not need to worry much as the ban by the US Commerce Department has been delayed by 90 days

Existing Huawei models will also not lose access to downloads and updates to Google apps, Google, and Android.

For future models, Huawei will be using its own operating system known as HongMeng OS, reported Mashable Southeast Asia.

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