Study: 62% Of Malaysians Believe Artificial Intelligence Will Replace Their Job

Nevertheless, 70% of Malaysians trust companies that use AI as much as they trust other companies.

Cover image via Tara Winstead/Pexels & Poskod.MY

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Multinational market research and consulting firm, Ipsos, recently released their findings on what Malaysians think of artificial intelligence (AI)

Sharing their findings on the opinions and expectations of Malaysians at large on AI, Ipsos stated that just like every country in Asia, Malaysia has a positive attitude towards AI and its associated products and services.

"A younger population with the ability to adapt to the latest technology and the role technology plays in improving the quality of life in developing countries might be contributing to this outlook," read a portion of the study.

In conducting the survey, Ipsos also produced findings as it related to other countries around the world, creating a Southeast Asian Average and a Global Country Average. The base of the study consisted of 22,816 adults under the age of 75 across 31 countries.

The global average reflects the average results for all the countries the survey was conducted in. Nevertheless, it has not been adjusted to the population size of each country or market, and is not intended to suggest a total result.

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Image via Tara Winstead (Pexels)

Among some of the results derived from the study is that Malaysians do seem to overestimate their understanding of what AI is and its application on products or services

65% of Malaysians believe they have a good understanding of what AI is, which is slightly below the global average of 67%.

However, 68% of Malaysians believe they know the types of products and services that use AI, a percentile which is more so than countries such as Great Britain (43%), Australia (38%), Japan (38%), and The United States (35%).

Image via Ipsos

Southeast Asians and Malaysians do tend to believe that AI has more benefits than drawbacks, especially as it is expected to profoundly change their daily life.

On top of that, a whopping 70% of Malaysians trust companies that use AI as much as they trust other companies.

Making up a significant difference to other countries, the Southeast Asian average on this matter ranks lower than the Malaysian percentile at 67%, while the global average falls even lower than that to 52%.

Image via Ipsos

Despite the overwhelming confidence in AI, more than half of Malaysians are concerned about the impact of AI, with 62% believing that it will replace their current job entirely

In their findings, Ipsos discovered that about 55% of Malaysians feel nervous about products and services using AI, balancing out with the global average on the issue at 52%.

Nevertheless, 81% of Malaysians believe that AI will undoubtedly change how they carry out their job, which is similar to the Southeast Asian average of 78%.

Image via Ipsos

And while the understanding of AI as it pertains to work maintains being a matter of concern for most Malaysians, the general perception is that it will improve people's lives.

When asked whether an increased use of AI would make time and efficiency, entertainment, the economy, health, and jobs better in the next three to five years, Malaysians agreed that it would in varying ways, with the most being time and efficiency at 67%.

Image via Ipsos

In a comment made on the study, Azamat Ababakirov, Senior Research Manager of Ipsos Public Affairs, stated that the general excitement about AI is balanced with an anxious restraint about the changes it may bring

"Malaysians, like their neighbours in Southeast Asia, tend to overestimate their knowledge of AI and the types of products and services where AI is being used.

"AI is fast evolving and will continue to do so at an accelerating pace in the near future.

"Individuals and governments need to be conscious and ready to face the societal transition that follows, while enjoying the benefits of AI adoption," said Azamat in a statement relating to the study.

Image via Poskod.MY

Click here to read the full study from Ipsos.

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