You Can Buy Retro Games And Trade-In Old Devices At This New Electronics Hub In Putrajaya

There are PS2 and Nintendo DS games too! :O

Cover image via CeX Malaysia (Provided to SAYS)

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If you're someone who loves tech and old school games, this UK-originated entertainment exchange centre in Putrajaya is a great new place that you can visit

Situated at IOI City Mall in Putrajaya, which boasts over eight million square feet of space and is dubbed the second largest mall by WorldAtlas, is a new Complete Entertainment Exchange (CeX) that provides an array of consumer electronics to Malaysia, from phones and tablets to video games, cameras, and more! 

This UK franchise has been around for over 31 years while expanding its reach to over 630 stores in 10 countries, and now Malaysia is entering the fray as well.

You can find secondhand retro games from the PlayStation 2 and Nintendo DS era here, as well as modern PlayStation 5 titles

You can even trade-in your older games and electronics for newer products. You can either ask the retail associate to gauge the pricing of your device when you visit the store, or search for it on their official website.

Got an old phone you don't use or game you don't play anymore? You can sell it off at CeX for a price.

Zyman Marzuki, CEO of Nuovolife Sdn Bhd, which leads the operation of CeX Malaysia, is very excited for this new venture

"We are thrilled to bring CeX operations to Malaysia. The response in the UK has been incredibly positive, and we firmly believe that Malaysia's dynamic market presents a prime opportunity for CeX to thrive," he said. 

The electronics hub currently boasts over 10,000 stock keeping units (SKUs) that Malaysians can browse through when they visit the store. Each purchase will also include a two-year warranty.

Here are the shop details:

- CeX Malaysia

- Lot No. L2-69, Second Floor, IOI City Mall, Lbh IRC, IOI Resort, 62502 Putrajaya

Operating hours:
- 10am to 10pm daily

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