21 Things Every LINE Fan Does Out Of A Fiery Passion For Their Favourite App

You'd do anything for yet another Brown doll.

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1. Your friends don't understand why you treat Brown and Cony like your pets

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2. They haven't seen your FULL collection of LINE merch you've collected over the years yet...

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Mug, neck pillow, thumbdrive, diary, shirts, etc. The list will always go on.

3. You have staged all sorts of photoshoots with your collectibles...

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4. And you've role-played with your dolls before. Admit it.

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5. You don't understand why there isn't a LINE cafe in Malaysia yet

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Every time you're in Thailand, you'd make a point to visit the world's first LINE cafe.


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Yes, there are physical LINE merch stores all over the world, in countries like Thailand, Taiwan and Korea.

Why isn't there one in Malaysia?!

7. First thing you do when you step into a gift shop is to spot the dolls

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8. Even if they don't look quite right...

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9. You're weak at focusing on grocery shopping when your eyes catch something familiar...

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10. You're the only one with cute thumbdrives...

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11. You've brought Brown out for rides in your car...

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Strapping Brown up with the safety belt for his safety!

12. You get absolutely excited when you hear the LINE ringtone

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13. You have wearable gear too

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14. Nails included

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15. You buy ALL the stickers from the sticker shop

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16. Your conversations are probably like this, and you know that the other emojis are no match

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Words are not needed, when you have stickers.

17. You follow EVERY single official account, so you won't miss out on any contests aka free stuff

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18. You play all the games available on LINE and spam requests to your friends

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19. You're kind of like the roadie of LINE events. Who wouldn't want to hug the mascots?

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20. You get annoyed when your friends say, "It's like WhatsApp right?"

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Not again.

21. You check your timeline constantly, even in weird places

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Awhile back, LINE recently launched its Google Chrome app:

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