When Will You Get The COVID-19 Vaccine? This Calculator Estimates Your Place In The Queue

The government hopes to vaccinate 26.5 million people by February 2022.

Cover image via Reuters/The Straits Times & Omni Calculator

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With Malaysia's COVID-19 vaccination programme underway, you must be wondering when you and your loved ones will get the jab

According to the Ministry of Health, over 139,000 frontliners and healthcare workers have received the first dose of the vaccine since the National COVID-19 Immunisation Programme began on 26 February.

However, we are only in the first phase of the action plan.

Malaysia has in total three phases and five priority groups to cover before the country can meet the vaccination target of 80% of the population, or 26.5 million people, to achieve herd immunity.

If you're feeling curious, Omni's Vaccine Calculator gives you an estimate of where you are in that 26-million-long queue

The calculator is made based on information available in the national plan released by the government.

The tool makes it easy for you to arrive at a more personalised answer and date range, as it considers the populations of each priority group and the likely vaccination rate.

You will only need to enter your age and answer a few questions about your occupation and health for the calculator to work out a rough idea of where you are in line.

The result also indicates when you might be getting the second dose of the vaccine to become fully protected.

Image via Omni Calculator

Whatever the answer, the best thing we can do is be patient

We know that waiting to get the vaccine might be frustrating, but it will take time.

Millions of doses of vaccines have to be produced, distributed, and injected, which is one massive manufacturing, logistical, and time-consuming task for everyone involved.

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Vaccine Queue Calculator for Malaysia

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