Here Are Some Common PC-Related Terms That You Should Know

Know the difference between ROM and RAM.

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You've likely seen the term CPU or RAM at least once in your lifetime. But have you ever wondered what all those letters mean?

Worry not, because we have compiled the most common terms, their meanings, and their functionalities below.

Without further ado, let's start.

1. CPU

Central Processing Unit. Also known as a 'processor'.

This unit is the brains of your device. It is in charge of handling everything from basic input/output operations to complex tasks , making it a key component for running programs, applications, and games.

2. RAM

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Random Access Memory.

Think of RAM as your computer's quick-access memory. It's like a temporary storage space where your computer keeps information it needs right away. This helps your computer's CPU find and use data quickly without having to search through long-term storage for immediate tasks.

3. PSU

Image via Know Computing

Power Supply Unit.

A PSU is a piece of hardware that transforms the electricity from your wall outlet into the kind your computer needs. It's like the middleman that takes the power from the wall, changes it to a form your computer likes, and sends it to all the parts inside.

On a regular computer, you'll find the PSU where you plug in the power cord, and it often has a power switch on it.

Caution: Do not disassemble or touch the internals of the PSU. Possible injury or death may occur.

4. HDD

Hard Disk Drive

An HDD is a type of data storage device that is used in laptops and desktop computers. An HDD is a 'non-volatile' storage drive, which means that it doesn't lose its stored data even when the device is not powered.

5. SSD

Image via ZDNET

Solid State Drive.

A blazing-fast storage device, it is considered the best type of storage for high-end purposes such as editing and gaming. In essence, it serves the same function as an HDD, just way faster.

6. Motherboard

Image via MSI

A motherboard is like the main hub in devices — especially smart devices — such as computers, smart TVs, and smartphones. It's a circuit board that houses different parts, like the CPU and RAM, and it helps each of the components communicate with one another.

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