People Are Mocking The iPhone 8 Because It's Basically The Old iPhone But With More Glass

Imagine accidentally dropping the iPhone 8. *shudder*

Cover image via Apple / Twitter @Phil_Lewis__

It's been a big day for Apple. Yesterday's Apple Event saw the tech giant unveil not just one, but TWO new iPhone models - the iPhone 8 (which also comes in 8 Plus) and the super-powered iPhone X.

From left: iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone 8.

Image via PetaPixel

Prices start at USD699 (RM2,929 after conversion) for the iPhone 8 and USD799 (RM3,348) for the Plus model. The iPhone X is even pricier, with prices starting at USD999 (RM4,186).

While it's definitely cause no small amount of excitement among Apple devotees, some pointed out that the iPhone 8 is pretty much the old iPhone, but with minor upgrades and, um, glass

The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus comes with the new A11 Bionic chip (the "most powerful chip ever in a smartphone", according to Apple), a better camera system and screen, wireless charging, and glass on the front and back (apparently to aid the wireless charging functionality).

Image via Twitter @MKBHD

While Apple has assured everyone that the glass panels are "the most durable glass ever in a smartphone", most are unconvinced that the fancy glass design will survive in the wild

On the bright side, those who run iPhone repair shops are probably gonna see a spike in business soon

Some are also scratching their heads as to why Apple announced the obviously-more-amazing iPhone X in tandem with iPhone 8

"Apple made its new iPhone 8 obsolete in 10 minutes." Technology sure is moving too fast.

Regardless, there's no doubt gonna be a mad scramble for the new generation iPhones when finally hit the market on 22 September

Pre-orders will be open one week ahead on 15 September.

On the other hand, the iPhone X has been hailed as one of Apple's biggest upgrades in a decade. Read more about it here:

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