[PHOTOS] PlayStation Studios Malaysia Has A New Office In PJ And It Looks Stunning

Office tour soon? :P

Cover image via @mistahasnul (Twitter)

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A tweet by the head of PlayStation Studios Malaysia, Hasnul Hadi, recently went viral on Twitter, after he gave the public a sneak peek of their new office in PJ

PlayStation Studios Malaysia is an extension of Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios which has offices all across the globe

Though the Malaysian arm of the company has been operating since 2020, their physical office was just unveiled by Hasnul through Twitter.

Here's a first look at the office space:

From the looks of it, the office has a futuristic vibe going for it.

When you first enter the office building, you'll see a PlayStation Studios Malaysia logo through a huge LCD screen on what appears to be the office lobby.

At the entrance, you'll need to a keycard to go through the keycard authenticator where you'll see an illuminating PlayStation logo.

Apart from that, there also appears to be a pantry and a common area for employees to have their meals and unwind

In a separate tweet, Hasnul also expressed his gratitude to his fellow team members in PlayStation Studios Malaysia for making this all possible

He goes on to say that it has been two years since he's worked with the PlayStation, and is hopeful for the future.

PlayStation Studios Malaysia has achieved a major milestone! Office tour soon? :P

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