The Proton X Smartwatch Is Now Available For RM1,499, And It Can Turn On Your X50 Remotely

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Proton just launched its own smartwatch, the Proton X, and it's on sale in Proton dealerships nationwide for RM1,499

Image via MDroid

According to, the smartwatch was made in partnership with ACO Tech, who is responsible for the ATLAS infotainment system on selected Proton cars including the X50 and X70.

The Proton X will allow you to remotely control the door locks, windows, horn, lights, trunk release, and air-conditioning which are supported by all variants of the X50

If you own one of the two variants of the X50, you can also use the smartwatch to turn on your engine remotely! Besides that, it features basic smartwatch features like a heart rate and blood oxygen sensor. 

Additionally, the watch is designed with stainless steel and ceramic bezels equipped with a 1.3-inch AMOLED display.

If you own an X70, you can also enjoy all of the perks of the Proton X smartwatch, except the remote turn on engine feature

The auto turn on engine feature is for the X50 variants exclusively.

The Proton X smartwatch is currently retailing for RM1,499

The Proton X is categorised as a Proton Genuine Part for the X50 and X70. Currently, the easiest way to get your hands on it is by asking your dealer to purchase it for you when you book your new car.

In other news, Proton is working on new electric cars that they want to release by 2027:

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