Remember The 'Sara Is Missing' Viral Game? The Malaysian Creators Are Back With A New Game

It's even scarier.

  • When local game company Kaigan Games released 'Sara Is Missing' to the world last year, they certainly didn't expect the game to fetch over 2 million downloads

    • In 'Sara Is Missing' (SIM), you find a phone that belongs to a girl named 'Sara'. She's missing and you have to dig for information and details about her disappearance.

      The game also bagged three international awards, with extensive coverage from YouTubers and international press.

  • The inspiration behind the title stemmed from the game designer's obsession with his mobile devices

    • "I am very attached to my phone, so much so that I get extremely paranoid if I misplace it or when someone has looked through it. Being a tech geek, I have to help my friends fix some stuff on their phones from time to time; and when I catch a glimpse of their messages or photos, I immediately apologise to them.

      I've always toyed with the idea of replicating that experience, minus the guilt," Jeremy Ooi, a game designer from Kaigan Games revealed to us.

  • As SIM soaked in the praises of many, the KL-based company felt that this "found-phone" concept of gaming that they had pioneered needed some refining and fine-tuning

    • "First thing, the story. SIM is a pretty short game, you can easily complete it in 20-30 minutes. There are some 'meta' scares where we make the phone glitch out with the intention to create paranoia. But it resulted in some players not wanting to continue. Last but not least, there's not much gameplay," he said.

      Through months of brainstorming and hard work, they released the successor to SIM in October.

      Say hello to 'SIMULACRA'.

    • While the gameplay revolves around the same concept as its predecessor, players can expect a longer storyline, in-depth gameplay, and double the scares.

  • If you were disappointed by the first game, I can guarantee that 'SIMULACRA' is a spooky game through and through

    • Just like SIM, the game begins with you holding the phone that belongs to a girl named 'Anna' and she's missing. It's up to you to peek into her device and explore what she has kept inside, as well as interact with her contacts and unravel what led to her disappearance.

      The game even comes complete with a Tinder parody, a web browser, and a vlogging site.

    • The game left me paranoid about my mobile devices. It's like the 'Black Mirror' effect all over again - which was exactly the vibe Jeremy and his team wanted to achieve.

  • Kaigan Games have proven to the local and international gaming community that it is not a one-hit wonder since 'SIMULACRA' has also won an award in the recent International Mobile Gaming Awards

    • With exciting initiatives in the pipeline, the company has no plans of slowing down anytime soon. It's full speed ahead from here on out. 

      "We are deep in the marketing for 'SIMULACRA' now, with plans to expand it into a franchise. Something that we really want to do is to incorporate more Malaysian flavour into our games, while still making it relevant and exciting for the rest of the world," Jeremy said.

  • 'SIMULACRA' is currently available on the App Store, Google Playstore, and Steam for USD4.99 (around RM20.92)

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