You May Soon Be Able To Report Potholes In Selangor Via Waze

The Selangor government is in the midst of working out a solution with the navigation app.

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Tired of evading potholes on the roads of Selangor?

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It's a minefield out there. Plus point - you get to put your reflexes to the test though.

Here's the good news - you'll soon be able to report these annoying potholes to the Selangor state government through the popular navigation app, Waze

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According to Selangor Menteri Besar Dato’ Seri Azmin Ali, the state government is currently in a series of discussions with the developers of the app

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"We are currently discussing with the developers, on the possibility of using their app to strengthen Selangor's initiative for better and smarter solutions," he said to The Malay Mail.

He also said that six municipal councils of the state will soon be involved with the project that may begin as soon as middle of this year

Potholes are a common sight in Selangor.

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The six municipal councils are Ampang Jaya (MPAJ), Kajang (MPKJ), Subang Jaya (MPSJ), Shah Alam (MBSA), Petaling Jaya (MBPJ) and Klang (MPK).

With the help of Waze, local councils are hoping that they can take action against potholes faster since reports will include GPS coordinates

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"We'll be able to access the dashboard for us to monitor closely. With the exact location, because they are (providing) coordinates, the local council can rush to the location as soon as possible and try to resolve the problem, maybe within 72 hours,” Ali said.

Using apps to report on road damages isn't something new. Last year, the Ministry of Urban Wellbeing, Housing, and Local Government introduced an app for users to file various complaints to local authorities.

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The Android-only app allows the public to file complaints, including damaged roads and faulty traffic lights to the local authorities through their mobile phones. You can download it here.

Speaking of potholes, have you heard of The Silaturrahim Brotherhood? This group of bikers voluntarily fill up potholes in downtown KL:

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