Singaporean Streamer Gets Banned On Twitch Allegedly For Eating Sausage At Night Market

She reportedly ate the sausage suggestively.

Cover image via @kiaraakitty (Instagram) & @kiaraakitty (Twitter)

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Singaporean streamer Kiaraakitty was banned from Twitch after she ate a sausage suggestively while dressed in a pink top during her tour in Taiwan

The Hong Kong-born content creator, whose real name is Cheng Wing Yee, was banned on 23 January, as announced by student-made bot @StreamerBans on Twitter.

While there were no details about the ban from either Cheng or Twitch, many fans suspected that it could be due to her recent antics of either showing her buttocks very close to the camera while doing squats or eating a sausage suggestively.

A clip of her doing squats in a park was uploaded on Twitch Clips' YouTube channel, titled The clip that got Kiaraakitty BANNED from Twitch!

Cheng, who has been banned by the Amazon-owned streaming platform for the fourth time, had ample space to perform squats from a distance at the park, but for some reason, she chose to do it in a way that would breach Twitch's community guidelines.

She was wearing pink leggings and a sports bra while she exercised just centimetres away from her streaming device.

According to its website, Twitch has an attire policy that prohibits creators from being fully or partially nude, and where the "visible outline of genitals, even when covered" is also not allowed.

Cheng readjusting her camera after accidentally kicking it for performing squats too close to the device.

Image via @kiaraakitty (Twitch) via Twitch Clips (YouTube)

While that is a possible reason, many fans also attributed the ban to Cheng's stream on 22 January when she ate a sausage in a suggestive manner at a night market in Taiwan

She reportedly chose a large sausage to nibble while on a livestream at the night market.

She also tweeted a photo of herself, saying, "Taiwan sausages are so yummy. Thank you everyone for being there today!"

AsiaOne reported that Twitch also does not allow streaming of "sexually suggestive content".

Cheng was unbanned on 27 January, merely four days after she breached the community guidelines. Previously, she was banned for streaming while being in a hot tub with four other women.

This time, many fans were surprised that eating a sausage could also allegedly get a content creator removed from Twitch.

Last month, a Singaporean influencer was not allowed to enter an amusement park in Japan for "excessive skin exposure":

In September last year, a Japanese streamer went viral for performing a self-made song loaded with expletives: