'Revealing' Outfit Gets Instagram Influencer Stopped At Universal Studios Entrance

According to the park's rules, Sherrine's outfit showed too much skin.

Cover image via @shunicorn_ (Instagram) & @shunicorn (TikTok)/AsiaOne

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Singaporean influencer Sherrine, also known as Shunicorn, recently had a case of culture shock when she was almost barred from entering Universal Studios in Japan for "excessive skin exposure"

Sherrine shared her experience in a now deleted TikTok clip uploaded on 29 December.

According to AsiaOne, she was in the midst of getting her ticket scanned to enter the park when a female staff member stopped her.

Underneath her scarf and winter coat, the influencer wore a fuschia pink crop top, mini skirt, skin-coloured leggings, and knee-high boots  an outfit that she states she would have worn in Singapore.

The staff member and another colleague allegedly began speaking to Sherrine in Japanese while pointing at her skirt.

They then fetched an English-speaking colleague, who requested that she pull her skirt lower and zip up her coat. Sherrine was "quite shocked", as she was unaware that the park had a dress code.

However, she managed to gain entry in the end.

An outfit similar to the one Sherrine wore at Universal Studios Japan.

Image via @shunicorn_ (Instagram)

Universal Studios Japan's dress code policy has rules against wearing clothes that are too revealing on their premises

On its website, it states that "costumes that may offend public order and morals or violate laws regarding public decency (such as tattoos and excessive skin exposure deemed unfit for the park)" are prohibited.

This is a by-product of Japan's conservative take on women's clothing: "overly revealing" tops that are too tight or expose your shoulders and cleavage, as well as mini skirts and short-shorts, are ideally avoided when travelling in Japan, according to YouTube channel Internationally Me.

Sherrine hopes that bringing up the incident online will serve as a warning to others to follow the dress code when going to such places and "not make the same mistakes that [she] did".

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