The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Cost RM799. I Tested Them Out To See If They're Worth It

They are water-resistant and come with active noise cancellation.

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Samsung recently launched the Galaxy Buds Pro, and I got to try them

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Like most people, I've been stuck at home for the past few months. And to be honest, I've gotten by just fine using my regular wired earphones for work and leisure. However, after trying the Galaxy Buds Pro for a week, I'm starting to discover the joy of having a pair of good wireless earbuds.

For example, I can walk away from my laptop to grab a cup of water, without having to leave my Zoom call. I can even eat my lunch at my desk while watching Netflix, without having to worry about getting my earphone wires tangled.

It's not a necessity, but the Galaxy Buds Pro have definitely made my life easier. :P

Here are a few things I liked about the Galaxy Buds Pro:

1. They fit nicely into a sleek charging case

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One thing I love about the Galaxy Buds Pro is the charging case. It opens up like a diamond ring box, and has a nice premium feel to it. The case is sturdy with rounded edges, and has a really smooth opening mechanism.

You can charge the case wirelessly or with the USB to USB-C cable provided.

2. They offer good battery life

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Samsung says that with active noise cancellation on, you can get up to five hours of playtime and 13 hours more with the case. After using the earbuds for a week, for about a 2-3 hours each day, I've only charged the earbuds once (and I don't think I even needed to).

You can check your battery life and adjust other features in the Samsung Wearable app or in your normal Bluetooth settings.

3. They give you extra ear tips, to fit every ear size

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The Galaxy Buds Pro come with two extra pair of ear tips – the original ones felt a bit too bulky for me, but the small ones fit my ears comfortably.

Even after wearing for an hour or two, the earbuds felt relatively comfortable in my ears. However, the buds do have a slightly chunkier design, so they probably won't feel as comfortable if you wear them while lying down on your side.

4. The earbuds are water-resistant, and don't fall off your ears

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Compared to all other earbuds or earphones I've used so far, the Galaxy Buds Pro have been the best at fitting into my ears and staying in place.

I've worn the earbuds to go jogging throughout the week, and haven't really needed to adjust them at all. Since the earbuds are IPX7 water-resistant, I don't have to worry about sweating or getting them wet in the rain.

5. They offer well-balanced audio, that's perfect for everyday use

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The Galaxy Buds Pro are tuned by popular headphone brand AKG, which ensures that you get high quality audio. They're probably not the ideal earbuds for those who like heart-pounding bass, but they offer a well-balanced sound mix that you won't get tired of listening to.

While my overall experience of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro was great, there are a few things you should know before getting it

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The active noise cancellation for the Galaxy Buds Pro is sufficient, but not the best. It is pretty good when it comes to cancelling out sounds like loud fans and chatter, but the earbuds won't be able to give you 100% noise isolation.

To activate Ambient Sound, just long tap the earbuds and it will amplify surrounding sound by as much as 20dB. For example, if you're in a Zoom call and your housemate wants to say something to you, you can turn on Ambient Sound to hear them, while having your Zoom call audio still in the background.

However, I found that the Ambient Sound feature came with a bit too much static noise. Sometimes, it would over-amplify sounds like keyboard typing and blowing wind, which ended up drowning out or muffling voices.

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Pairing the Galaxy Buds Pro with other Samsung devices like the Galaxy S21+ 5G is a breeze. Just open your charging case, and you will be prompted to pair your device. The Samsung Wearable app also allows for a lot more customisation and control over your earbuds.

The tricky part is when you're pairing the earbuds with other devices. While the initial pairing to my MacBook Air was relatively seamless, I wasn't able to switch devices unless I clicked "Forget this device" in my Bluetooth settings.

So, are the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro worth getting at RM799?

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If you're expecting complete noise isolation or super bassy audio mix, the Galaxy Buds Pro are probably not the right pair of earbuds for you.

However, the Galaxy Buds Pro are an all-rounder pair of wireless earbuds that do most things well. You can easily get other wireless earbuds for a cheaper price, but the superb sound quality and comfort are definitely worth the extra few hundred ringgit. Plus, if you love wearing wireless earbuds when you work out, the Galaxy Buds Pro will be a great option, especially because of the fit and its water-resistant quality.

Find out more about the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro on their website

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