4 Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Features To Help You Stay On Top Of Your Health & Fitness Goals

Say goodbye to eye bags with the Sleep Coaching feature that helps build better sleep habits.

Cover image via Samsung

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With our busy schedules and hectic lives, taking care of our health is becoming increasingly challenging

Maintaining a proper diet, getting enough sleep, and exercising regularly are essential for a healthier and better quality of life, but finding the time to cultivate these habits can be hard.

Thankfully, with advanced technology and gadgets, keeping track of our health is now way more accessible. Take smartwatches, for instance — they do much more than just count our steps. They offer a comprehensive approach to health and fitness monitoring, making it easier than ever to stay on top of our wellbeing.

Introducing the Samsung Galaxy Watch6, the ideal everyday smartwatch boasting multiple fitness and health tracking features.

Here's a closer look at its features:

1. The Samsung Galaxy Watch6 will help keep track of exercises, calories burned, and heart rate zones

Image via Samsung

This Samsung Galaxy Watch6 is your ultimate workout buddy. It syncs with the Samsung Health app on your phone, allowing you to view your historical results, set your fitness goals with ease, and display your daily steps, workout intensity, heart rate, and more.

The smartwatch assesses your fitness capacity to determine your personalised heart rate zone. You can then manually set heart rate alerts to match your fitness goals, whether for fat burning, cardio, or high-intensity training. The smartwatch will alert you when you enter or exit your target zone, helping you stay on track.

With the Galaxy Watch6, you can also track over 90 different workouts or create custom ones. Its auto-detect features for running, hiking, and cycling allow you to transition seamlessly from warm-up to workout mode. You'll also gain valuable insights into your progress and achievements, which will help you stay motivated on your fitness journey.

2. The smartwatch also helps keep an eye on your body composition with a detailed Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) sensor

Image via Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy Watch6 measures fat mass, muscle mass, and more, allowing you to set target goals for your weight, body fat, muscle mass, and other metrics.

Imagine you've set a goal to reduce body fat and increase muscle mass. Using the detailed Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) sensor on your Samsung Galaxy Watch6, you can track your progress over time. The watch measures your body composition, including fat mass and muscle mass, and displays the data in easy-to-understand visuals on your smartphone through the Samsung Health app.

After a few weeks of consistent exercise and healthy eating, you'll notice that your muscle mass has increased, and your body fat has decreased. Encouraged by this progress, you can adjust your workout routine and diet to continue moving towards your goal.

These measurements enable you to take a data-driven approach to monitor your body and health effectively. By setting personalised fitness goals based on these metrics, you can work towards achieving your health and wellness objectives.

3. Get detailed sleep tracking with improved analysis and deeper insights to enhance the quality of your sleep

The Galaxy Watch6 offers a sleep coaching feature to help you build better sleeping habits. You can wear your smartwatch to bed with the fabric band for comfort, and it will monitor your nightly sleep stages, sleep score, and sleep consistency to help you improve your sleep.

Good sleep is crucial to boost your immune system, improve mood and mental clarity, and enhance physical performance. By ensuring you get quality sleep, you can reduce the risk of chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. The Galaxy Watch6 helps you understand and improve your sleep patterns, contributing to better overall health and wellbeing. 

You'll also be able to switch to sleep mode, which changes the PPG sensor's green LED to an invisible infrared LED, dims the display brightness, and mutes notifications. Plus, you can get personalised coaching and reminders to help you establish a healthy sleep routine.

4. The smartwatch also monitors your heart health, blood pressure, and ECG (electrocardiogram)

Image via Samsung

The built-in PPG sensor periodically measures your heart rate and rhythm, and you can pre-set alerts to notify you if your heart rate is too high or too low.

The Galaxy Watch6 offers advanced blood pressure monitoring through pulse wave analysis, utilising its heart rate monitoring sensors. You can manually set to record and monitor your ECG data, allowing you to track your heart's rhythm effortlessly within the Samsung Health Monitor app.

Once recorded, the results can be converted into a PDF. You can then save and share this report via email, Google Drive, or other services.

This convenient feature allows you to keep track of your health, while making it easy to share the results with your doctor if needed.

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