New Study Reveals Secrets Of High-Earning Social Media Creators

Turns out, you don't really need a huge following to earn USD100,000 (RM473,261) a year.

Cover image via Ivan Samkov / Pexels & RDNE Stock project / Pexels

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A recent study titled State of Creators has unveiled the strategies employed by social media creators who earn over USD100,000 (RM473,261) annually

The research, conducted by digital content monetisation platform Kajabi, surveyed 2,000 creators and found that diversification of income is key to financial success.

The study revealed that 75% of respondents relied on multiple revenue streams, not just social media payouts

The most lucrative digital products were online courses, digital downloads, subscriptions or memberships, and online consulting or coaching.

Interestingly, a large follower count does not guarantee higher income

Only 5% of top earners have more than 1 million followers, while 25% have fewer than 10,000.

This suggests that effective monetisation of diverse income streams can lead to significant earnings, even without a large social media following.

The study also found that top-earning creators use artificial intelligence (AI) twice as often as other creators

With 29% using AI daily and an additional 43% weekly, creators believe AI could save them over 26 hours of work per week in 2024 and help reduce burnout.

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