5 Smart Year-End Deals At senQ To Get You Into The Festive Mood This Joyous Christmas

It's the most wonderful time of the year! :D

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With Christmas just around the corner, there's no better time to get into a happy jolly mood, YAYYY :DDD

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Christmas is one of the most joyous celebrations of the year. From singing good 'ol Christmas carols to putting up all the festive decorations and lights, there's just something about this time of the year that always puts a smile to your face. :)

Plus, Christmas time is SALES time!!! Year-end deals are the best, amirite? You'll find discounts everywhere, whether you're shopping for gifts for your loved ones, or just looking for an excuse to treat yourself hehe.

While this year may be different for many of us, there are still loads of reasons to celebrate

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Even though some of us may not be able to see our families face-to-face this Christmas, we can still stay connected to each other thanks to technology. Looking back, it's also pretty amazing to see all the good that came out of this year, and how we managed to get through it together! *Physical distance hugsss*

To share the joy of this festive celebration, senQ Digital Station is offering amazing year-end deals starting from December, all the way until next year, WOOHOO!!

From 1 December 2020 to 28 February 2021, senQ wants to spread the goodness with their Festive Celebration Joy! campaign. For three whole months, customers will get to enjoy a variety of amazing deals and special promotions.

Here are the amazing year-end deals you can enjoy at senQ:

1. Enjoy up to 30% in EZ Credit rebates

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For a limited time only, you'll get to enjoy up to 30% in EZ Credit rebates when you buy selected electronic appliances at senQ. For instance, if you buy a refrigerator that costs RM3,000, you could instantly get 9000 EZ Credit Points (equivalent to RM900). Collect your points and use them when you're buying your next item to get a big discount!

2. Save more with brand deals up to 50% off

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For three whole months, senQ will be offering up to 50% off brand deals, exclusively for PlusOne members. The brands included in this promo are Samsung, Panasonic, Sharp, Electrolux, LG, Sony, and many more.

3. Get 5,000 EZ Credit Points if you're a top spender

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Throughout the campaign period, senQ will keep track of the top 500 shoppers with the highest accumulated spend. If you're one of them, you'll be given 5,000 EZ Credit Points for free, yayyy!

4. Pay with your HSBC Credit Card for a chance to win a 70-inch smart UHD TV

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Calling all HSBC credit card users! Can you imagine watching movies on this big, ultra-clear screen? :O Don't waste this opportunity at decking your home with an all-new 70-inch smart UHD TV for FREE. Just spend with your card at any senQ outlet and stand a chance to win.

5. Spend using AEON Credit Easy Payment for a chance to win a brand new iPhone 12 Pro

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If you don't have an AEON credit card, don't worry because you can use AEON Credit Easy Payment and stand a chance to win a brand new iPhone 12 Pro. All you have to do is spend a minimum of RM1,000 at any senQ outlet using AEON Credit Easy Payment, and fill up the e-contest form of their mobile app.

The more you spend, the higher your chance of winning. Plus, you'll get two years warranty when you sign up at AEON, so don't miss out!

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That's not all, this festive season, you can become a Key Opinion Consumer (KOC) and share your review of senQ products online

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Ever wanted to feel like an influencer or online tech reviewer? Now, you can share your brilliant reviews for the world to see using the Senheng app. Just download the app on iOS or Android today.

Here's how to do it:

Join as a PlusOne member and shop with senQ

STEP 2: Snap a photo/video of your shopping journey

STEP 3: Submit a photo/video of your newly bought item in the Senheng mobile app and share it on your social media platform with the hashtags: #senQKOC #FestivalCelebrationJoy!

STEP 4: After 14 days, senQ will send you another review link for you to give a proper product review after using it for two weeks

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You'll get to enjoy all these benefits and more as a PlusOne member

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If you're not yet a PlusOne member, you can just head over to your nearest senQ outlet to register. Check out all the exclusive benefits you'll get to enjoy:

- Earn points with every purchase
- Gain extra rebates on selected models
- Instantly redeem your credit card points when buying at senQ
- Enjoy free extra one year warranty
- Keep track of your account, vouchers, and deals on the new Senheng app

Want to find out more about senQ's Festive Celebration Joy! campaign? Head over to their website to find out more!

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