Singapore Has The Fastest Internet In The World According To This UK Report

Meanwhile, Brunei placed last on the list.

Cover image via The Atlantic

Singapore has the fastest internet in the world, according to a report by UK-based website Compare the Market

Image via The Atlantic

The Global Broadband Index analysed average monthly costs, average download and upload speeds, and the time needed to download one hour of Netflix in 50 different countries.

The countries were defined by the World Bank as "high-income" economies.

Singapore took the top spot on the list in almost all categories

The report revealed that the average download speeds in Singapore was 185.25 Mbps, with upload speeds clocking an average of 192.08 Mbps.

As such, it only takes 16 seconds to download an hour of Netflix in Singapore.

Iceland, South Korea, Hungary, and United States make up the rest of the top five in terms of speed.

However, Singapore placed 25th out of the 50 countries in terms of average monthly cost

With SGD70.35 (RM211) a month, Singapore's internet is considerably pricier than Israel, which boasts the cheapest internet in the world with an average monthly cost of ILS18.17 (RM20.51).

The report revealed that Brunei, the only other Southeast Asian country on the list, has the slowest internet among the 50 countries

Image via Mothership

Internet packages in Brunei are also considerably more expensive compared to that in most countries, especially considering the speeds on offer.

Despite a 15.15 Mbps download speed and three minutes and 18 seconds download time for an hour's worth of Netflix, it costs an average of BND97.40 (RM293.75).

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