This App Lets You Earn Money By Tutoring And Helping Students With Their Homework Online

It's like Uber but for tutors. :D

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How would you like to help the future leaders of tomorrow with their homework and earn money at the same time? Enter the educational app called Snapask, where you don't even have to meet your students to tutor them.

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The app recently went viral when Twitter user @notaquietjane, who made RM1,254 in less than three weeks as a tutor on Snapask, created a thread to explain how the app works

At the time of writing, the Twitter thread has been retweeted over 18,000 times. A Facebook post curated from her thread spread even wider, having being shared almost 50,000 times since it was published on 1 February. 

What is Snapask?

Based in Hong Kong, Snapask was founded by Timothy Yu in January 2015 to connect students to tutors for homework help and academic support. From serving students based in Hong Kong, the app has since expanded to Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan, and Malaysia (launched in May 2017).

HOW IT WORKS: Snapask functions like a mobile crowdsourcing platform a la Uber, in which students are required to snap a photo of their queries and submit it to the platform to be addressed by tutors.

The questions will then appear on tutors' timeline, following which tutors can choose to answer or solve whichever questions they are able to. Tutors will be paid RM1.50 for every session.

Once you have solved or answered the question, snap a photo and send it to the student via Snapask's WhatsApp-style instant messaging platform (below). Much like Uber or Grab, students get to rate tutors at the end of each session. If a tutor's rating falls beyond the average, Snapask will review their profile again to check on their work.

To qualify as a tutor, you will need to submit a copy of your SPM certificate as well as a current transcript or results slip to support your application. You must also have at least an A in SPM for the subject(s) you wish to teach.

Here's the list of subjects that are currently covered in the app:

- Primary Mathematics
- Primary Science
- Primary Bahasa Malaysia
- Primary English
- Lower secondary Mathematics
- Lower secondary Science
- Lower secondary Bahasa Malaysia
- Lower secondary English
- SPM Mathematics
- SPM Additional Mathematics
- SPM Physics
- SPM Biology
- SPM Chemistry
- SPM Bahasa Malaysia 
- SPM English


1. Install Snapask. The app is available for iOS and Android.  
2. Register an account as a Tutor (refer below).
Image via Snapask / SAYS
3. Upon registration, you will be directed to a page to upload supporting documents i.e. your IC, SPM results certificate, and latest academic transcript/results slip.
4. Wait for an approval e-mail (or a follow-up e-mail if your application is incomplete). It might take some time as your application will be reviewed by Snapask staff. 

Alternatively, you can send your application to [email protected] with the following documents attached:

(i) Your SPM certificate
(ii) A photo ID (IC or university student card) 
(iii) Latest transcript or results slip for current semester of your tertiary studies

In light of all the attention the app has been receiving, applications may take up to 28 working days to be reviewed

In the meantime, Snapask is encouraging applicants to refer students to the app, because more students = more tutoring opportunities

"We want students, so share how Snapask can help them with the academic problems and help them grow," they wrote in a Facebook Note, adding that applicants with successful referrals will be prioritised for processing.

Students can claim a free trial of three questions before opting for subscription packages starting from RM55 for 25 questions per month (that's definitely cheaper than going for tuition classes!). More information on subscription packages and question packs here. 

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