The Buku 555 Your Parents Use To Collect Debts Has Been Upgraded To An App

A 21st century upgrade for the humble notebook.

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Do you guys remember the "Buku 555"? You know, that small notebook commonly used for jotting down unpaid debts?

The pocket-sized notebooks are still available at some stationery shops. 

A Malaysian tech startup has given the humble notebook a boost into the 21st century by turning it into an app

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Just like its paper counterpart, Buku 555 is a simple, no-frills app with just enough features to help you keep a record of unpaid debts.

There's also an option to switch from BM to English. But we feel it kinda takes the fun and quirkiness away.

The simple interface is divided into two parts: Kau Hutang (what you owe) and Orang Hutang (what others owe you)

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To add an entry, you simply need to tap on the button and fill it up.

The "pages" are designed to mimic the ledgers usually drawn in Buku Tiga Lima. Each debt is also timestamped with the entry date for easier tracking.

The nifty Senarai Semua (list all) option allows you to see the net worth of all your debts

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Do you have more red than green? 

As a security measure to prevent busybodies from manipulating the numbers, you are required to put in a 4 digit passcode every time you boot up the app

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Buku 555 is available for both Android and iOS

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