7 Sports And Action Cameras Under RM600 To Capture Life's Best Moments On-The-Go

Portable cameras that you can bring together for any occasion and outing!

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Eken H9R is an extremely decent action camera that is going for only RM155 on Lazada while the action camera with accessories is sold for RM350 on 11Street.

It's easy to use and users can connect the camera to the dedicated app to control it remotely.

While the output is not truly 4K (technology known as 'interpolation' is used to achieve 4K resolution), most users are still very satisfied with the shots taken as they're great value for money.

The RE E610 sports a different design and looks a lot like an asthma inhaler, but there's functionality to its form as it's much easier to hold for one-handed shooting.

While its peculiar look differentiates itself from its peers in the market, the RE E610 is also favoured for its waterproof rating of IP57, which allows the device to be safe in a meter of water for up to 30 minutes without any extra accessories. 

Get in on Lazada for RM268 or on 11Street for a cheaper price at RM247.

3. Xiaomi's Yi action camera

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When the Yi action camera was first introduced to the market, it was dubbed as the 'GoPro killer' due to its features and performance but sold at a much lower price.

Developed by Yi Technologies, the company in which Xiaomi has a stake in, the Yi action camera has been highly regarded by enthusiasts for its ease of use, WiFi functionality, and decent stills and videos. 

Get in on Lazada for RM279 or 11Street for RM299.

4. Yi Lite

Following the success of the Yi action cam, Yi Technologies have come up with a bunch of new action cameras including the Yi Lite.

The Yi Lite is packed with many features including a touch screen interface, shooting modes, and HD video output that most users would be satisfied with. 

A seller on 11Street is offering it together with a bundle of accessories taking the price up to RM599.  

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Although MAXGEAR V7 might be a relatively unknown action camera compared to the rest that are listed in this article, the product is actually rather popular on 11Street as it has received more than 800 reviews in a single listing, mostly positive ones from buyers.

Going for only RM182.90 on 11Street, the MAXGEAR V7 is waterproof up to 30m and boasts of an impressive battery life, lasting up to three hours when in use.

Customers may also purchase the accessories from the same seller to get the best out of the device.

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Shenzhen Anytek Information Technology Co. Ltd's SOOCOO S70 action camera comes together with a wearable remote control, a neat pairing for the device which is rubberised and waterproof. 

It is easy to operate out of the box and the device supports WiFi connectivity function.

SOOCOO S70 is no GoPro but for the price of RM422 on Lazada, it's still a very attractive offering because of its good image quality.

7. SJCAM SJ4000

SJ4000 has long been known as the cheaper alternative to the ever popular GoPro action cameras. As one of the most affordable action camera in the market, it is able to fulfil most of your basic needs without compromising quality. 

The latest edition lives up to its reputation and it has many improvements from its predecessors. 

Get it on Lazada for only RM279, with the option to get accessories for additional cost.  

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