This 'SwitchBot' Lets You Turn Switches On & Off From Your Smartphone While You Lay In Bed

The perfect solution.

Cover image via NotEnoughTech & POPULAR MECHANICS

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Picture this: You're in bed in your comfiest pyjamas, pillows arranged at perfect height and density, and all tucked in under your blanket.

Just as you're about to whisk away to dreamland, you notice that the lights are still on.

Thus begins the dreaded walk to the light switch, and the process of rearranging your bed to the optimal level of comfort you already had before.

Ugh, potong la.

Now, thanks to this nifty little device, you may not have to experience this annoying discomfort again. :P

Appropriately named SwitchBot, this gadget is a smart button presser that mechanically turns off your switches at home, and all you need to do is tap on your smartphone!

Here's a demo of how it works, courtesy of TikTok user @thejunglebadger.

@thejunglebadger This has changed my life! @SwitchBot UK (use code 35JUNGLE for 35% off!) #SwitchBot original sound - Best Online Finds

Small, compact, and convenient — the SwitchBot works for any kind of switch you have at home, from light switches to coffee machine buttons.

To set it up, you only need to tape it to your switch of choice, and download the SwitchBot app

The SwitchBot comes with a 3M tape on the back of the device. Just peel it off when you want to attach it to a switch. 

The app is available on the App Store and Google Play. Once installed, the app will detect that you have the SwitchBot attached nearby, and you can simply tap on 'ON' or 'OFF' whenever you use it.

If you're concerned about how the SwitchBot will turn off lights once it turns them on, don't worry — it has a solution for that too

The device comes with a wired attachment that you can loop around the SwitchBot and stick to a switch to turn it off. 

Here's a demo:

Image via SwitchBot

Intrigued by this smart device of the future? :D

You're in luck — it's available on Shopee now for RM120. Hurry while stocks last!

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