Tamagotchi Connection Is Coming Back To Let Your Virtual Pets Fall In Love & Make Babies

Bandai is set to re-release 2004's iconic Tamagotchi Connection.

Cover image via Bandai

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Tamagotchi Connection is set to be re-released in conjunction with its 20th anniversary

Image via Bandai

The digital toy was first released in 2004 by Japanese multinational toy manufacturer and distributor, Bandai. At the time, it was well received by fans for its innovative features. 

The revival model will come with the iconic built-in infrared communication feature that made the virtual pet line popular.

"When connected, you can play games, exchange gifts, and visit. Tamagotchi characters build relationships together by connecting a lot and may get married! You can nurture the next generation of Tamagotchi characters!" Bandai said in a blog post.

Just like its predecessor, the 2024 Tamagotchi Connection will come in six colours

The six colours are Bubbles, Ice Cream, Rainbow Sky, Clear Retro, Blue, and Pink Graffiti.

These colour options were extremely popular when the digital toy was released in 2004. They've now been modernised for the current generation.  

Tamagotchi Connection also comes with a ball chain, making it easy to carry around if you to attach it to your backpack and other items.

You have the option to care for over 50 different characters and earn Gotchi Points, which can be used to collect over 150 items

Image via Bandai

Gotchi Points are the in-game currency players earn after completing certain tasks. These points can be used to unlock items to keep your virtual pet happy.

Mametchi, Kuchipatchi, Memetchi, Young Mimitchi, and Ichigotchi are some of the many characters you'll be able to raise on the 2024 Tamagotchi Connection.

Tamagotchi Connection is set to be released in the US on 9 July and is priced at US29.99 (RM141).

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