You Can Now Upgrade Your UniFi To 50Mbps A Month But There's A Catch

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Awhile back, we reported that TM will be introducing 30 and 50Mbps Internet speeds, but only in selected areas in the Klang Valley

The service has now been extended to ALL UniFi ready areas, which means people like you and I get to enjoy blazing fast speeds!

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Even though the package is yet to appear on TM’s website, it is a strong sign that the service is now finally ready to accept more customers. True enough, it turns out that the new 30Mbps plan is now available in all areas that are covered by UniFi.

This matter was confirmed by the staff of TMpoint in Menara TM, Kuala Lumpur which we visited earlier today in order to learn more about the new package. As for the monthly charges, they remain the same as per the charges that the company have set back in April for the UniFi 30Mbps trial in Klang Valley.

What makes the new package attractive is the price. The UniFi 50 plan is priced the same as the existing UniFi 20 Mbps plan.

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You could get 50Mbps for only RM263.94/month (inclusive of GST) which is the same price as their current VIP 20 plan with 20Mbps connectivity.

The folks at Lowyat had just confirmed that the new plans are now officially available in all UniFi service areas. So now you can enjoy 30Mbps speeds at RM210.94 a month, which is the same price as their current 10Mbps plan.

Meanwhile, existing customers that are interested to upgrade their VIP packages to the new 30 Mbps package no longer need to terminate their account which follows the statement that TM made back in April. However, they will be tied to a 2-years contract once again shall they choose to make the jump to the 30 Mbps package. For new users, they will be tied to a 2-year contract as well which is the standard contract duration for UniFi. For the time being, TMpoint is the best place for users to register or upgrade their existing UniFi subscription to the new 30Mbps package – the new packages are yet to appear on TM’s website.

But wait... There's a catch! There are three notable differences between the old UniFi packages and the new plans.

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1. The upload speed of the new package is capped at 5Mbps. The existing one has similar download and upload speeds.

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The first is the upload speed as the 30Mbps plan has a lower upload speed of 5Mbps while the existing VIP packages have similar download and upload speed. For customers who choose to bump to the 50Mbps plan, their upload speed will be slightly higher at 10Mbps.

For the new 30Mbps and 50Mbps plans, the speeds are asymmetrical where its upload speeds are much slower than downloads. The new 30Mbps plan gets just 5Mbps for upload while its 50Mbps plan settles for 10Mbps. Is this a big deal? It all depends on your usage. For normal web browsing, video and music streaming, 30Mbps for download is a significant jump from 10Mbps and the lower upload speeds shouldn’t be much of an issue.

2. No more free landline phone calls in the new package

Another big difference is the lack of free landline phone calls. For the current VIP plans, each subscriber can make unlimited phone calls for free to any TM fixed line nationwide. Meanwhile phone calls to mobile numbers are charged at 11sen/minute, which is quite reasonable.

Under the 30Mbps package, users are also charged 21 sen per minute for calls from UniFi’s DECT phone regardless of whether to a fixed line or a mobile number. Of course, users can choose to have the Voice Pack add-on that offers free fixed line calls and discounted rate for calls to mobile after 600 minutes.

3. You'll get more bundled channels on HyppTV

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The third difference is that the 30Mbps package is inclusive of HyppTV vernacular packs (Aneka, Ruby, or Varnam Pack) alongside the service’s free channels. In the existing VIP packages, these HyppTV vernacular packs were optional.

So does that mean that our Internet speeds are no longer slow? MCMC thinks so...

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