Malaysian Gamer's Team Wins RM1.2 Million From World's Largest Gaming Tournament

The tournament features one of the biggest prize pools in the world.

Cover image via Valve

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Dota 2 is widely regarded as the world's most popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) title

Image via Valve

The game spawned many new titles in a similar vein and garnered billions of players since its inception.

In fact, Dota 2 became host to the world's most prestigious esports event, known as The International (TI). It features a prize pool so enormous that it makes even the best golfing tournaments turn green with envy.

The 12th edition of The International (TI) has just concluded earlier this week

Image via Valve

TI12 saw the Russian team, Team Spirit, bringing home the main prize of US$1,430,944 (RM6,830,611), which is 45% of the total prize pool.

Second place was graced by the European team, Gaimin Gladiators, who brought home US$$381,529 (RM1,821,228).

The podium was then completed by Chinese titans LGD Gaming in third place, securing a prize of US$254,423 (RM1,214,488).

Malaysian player Cheng "NothingToSay" Jin Xiang is one of the members of LGD Gaming

Image via Valve

The 23-year-old professional Dota 2 player is one of the best Malaysian players, coming in second place in TI10, and ending last year's TI11 in fifth place with LGD Gaming.

His team managed to walk home with RM1.2 million in prizes this year. The exact amount of the prize money that will be awarded to NothingToSay is unclear, but it is expected to be a handsome sum.

Before TI12, NothingToSay had already earned US$1.8 million (RM8.59 million) from his career as a gamer, according to Liquipedia.

Image via Valve

He's not the only Malaysian to grace the international stage of professional Dota 2 players

Image via Battle Arena

NothingToSay is joined by Chan "Oli" Chon Kien from the Hong Kong team, Talon Esports, which managed to end their run in 9th-12th place in TI12. The team brought home prize money of US$$63,553 (RM303,370).

Not forgetting as well, the Malaysian organisation, Team SMG, finished in the 17th-20th place, which netted them US$31,829 (RM151,935).

Congratulations to the Malaysian players for making us proud...

... and providing us a solid point to tell our parents that gaming is no longer a waste of time!

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