A New Generation Of Games Begins With The Xbox One Launch

Microsoft said it sold more than 1 million Xbox One video-game consoles in less than a day after the new machine went on sale in 13 countries.

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Biggest Xbox Launch Ever As Microsoft Matches PS4 Sales With 1 Million Xbox Ones In Less Than 24 Hours

Microsoft said it sold more than one million Xbox One consoles in less than 24 hours as it launched the next-gen video game system in 13 markets yesterday, including the U.S.

The stage at the Best Buy Theater in Times Square as the Xbox One debuted.

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That means that the launch was the biggest in Xbox history, surpassing day one sales for the prior Xbox 360 and original Xbox generations.

The launch is significant because it represents the chance for an economic revival for the entire console game industry. For Microsoft, the Xbox One is the first new game console in seven years, and it marks the beginning of a new Xbox One economy.

A man hugs his new Xbox One after purchased it at a Best Buy in Evanston, Illinois. (AP)

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Microsoft sold more than 80 million Xbox 360 systems and generated billions of dollars in sales for Microsoft — and billions more for third-party video game publishers, making video games one of the most important and lucrative industries in the world.

Worldwide launch of Xbox One sparks global celebration for a new generation in games and entertainment

Microsoft Corp aims to upstage rival Sony Corp with a console that goes well beyond gaming and helps transform media viewing, a long-cherished but elusive goal.
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The software giant is betting its first new video game console in eight years, which goes on sale on Friday, will help sustain its position as a dominant player in gaming hardware.

Microsoft Xbox One goes on sale today

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It also hopes to build a high-margin, rapid-growth business that plays a bigger role in how people watch television and consume media content.

The console has received early positive reviews for its performance, interface and exclusive launch games.

The Xbox One, which will launch in 13 markets worldwide, will cater to its loyal gamer fan base with exclusive titles like "Forza Motorsport 5" and "Ryse: Son of Rome." Beyond that, the company hopes the device crosses over to the mainstream and becomes a family entertainment center.
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Microsoft touts the Xbox One console as a home entertainment hub that goes far beyond games.

The beefed-up hardware allows for instant switching between games, television, and Internet browsing. Microsoft-owned Skype was integrated for online group video calls.

Microsoft and publishers will take a cut of every Xbox One used game sale

Microsoft has decided that with the launch of the Xbox One it is going to take control of the used game market and have it generate revenue for itself and publishers.

And in the process it’s going to upset gamers and severely limit the amount of money retailers can make on a used game sale.

Once customers have bought a game they will receive a unique code to activate their purchase. Once the code has been used the game will be linked to that individual’s Xbox Live account. If a friend borrows the game CD then they'll have to buy a new activation code before they can play

The new code will cost as much as the original game and consoles will have to be connected to the internet to authorize their purchase.

WOW ! New Xbox one is announced :)

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Xbox One: Microsoft reveals next generation console

Microsoft on Tuesday unveiled the Xbox One, the newest version of its popular game console.
Don Mattrick, president of Microsoft's interactive entertainment business, said the company wanted to design and build the "ultimate all-in-one home entertainment system."

Don Mattrick, president of Microsoft's interactive entertainment business, kicks off the Xbox event in Redmond, Wash. (Credit: James Martin/CNET)

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Describing it as an all-in-one console, Microsoft's Don Mattrick unveiled the new shaped Xbox controller alongside Xbox hardware that closely resembles a set-top box.

The company last introduced a new gaming console, the Xbox 360, in 2005. Since that time, the Xbox has become the best-selling game console in the country, with consumers spending $208 million on hardware, software, and accessories for the Xbox in April.

However, the new Xbox launch comes as the game console business faces an uncertain future. More and more people are turning to mobile devices and the Web for gaming, and that has resulted in weaker console sales.

Microsoft’s New Xbox will cater to much more than gamers

Microsoft is set to make a splash this week with the eagerly awaited unveiling of its new Xbox game console, eight years after the last version, as it seeks a larger share of the $65 billion a year global computer gaming industry

But the small device faces some big competition from the PlayStation 4 by Sony Corp and the Wii U by Nintendo Co Ltd in a shifting market.

Gamers are gravitating to online play - suggesting the hey-day of console games are over - while Microsoft wants its sleek new toy to finally cross the bridge to the mainstream and become the family's entertainment center.

"Core gamers are very hungry for a new machine but the difference between 2005 and now is that the stakes are so much higher," said Ryan McCaffrey, executive editor at entertainment website

Industry-watchers are expecting a raft of improvements from the new Xbox, when Microsoft unveils it at its Redmond, Washington, headquarters on Tuesday, from closer integration with the TV and link-ups with mobile devices to access to new and even exclusive content

What to expect from Microsoft's new console

The new system will likely run on an AMD processor, rather than the IBM PowerPC technology the Xbox 360 uses. For users, this means they won't be able to play their Xbox 360 games on the new system.

The system will also beef up its system RAM to aid developers in making games.

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It will be running Windows and not Windows RT. It will be based on Windows 8 Core, which is the entry level Windows 8 operating system complete with tiles and media player and all of that.

Kinect, the motion sensor peripheral MS introduced in 2010, will be an integral part of the new Xbox. Microsoft will also continue to emphasize other forms of entertainment as much as it does games

According to rumors, the next-gen Xbox will have its own version of video sharing, and will revamp the current achievement system.

Microsoft to reveal next-generation Xbox on May 21

The next-generation Xbox will officially be unveiled to the public at a Microsoft event scheduled to be held on May 21st.

According to a Facebook page promoting the event, it will be streamed live online so fans can watch at home (or at work), much like how Sony’s recent Playstation 4 announcement was done.

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An invitation sent out by Microsoft Wednesday (Apr 24) promises that the new Xbox, rumored to be called the Xbox 720 (codename: Durango) will be revealed at 10:00 a.m. PDT at their headquarters in Redmond

Microsoft released the current console, the Xbox 360, 7-yrs ago, and it has since overtaken both the Sony Playstation 3 and the Nintendo Wii to become the world’s best-selling video game machine

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