The Top 20 Picks Of #MyUberPitch Are In! Which Business Idea Deserves YOUR Vote?

One (or more) of these ideas could change the world!

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On 4 December, the first ever #MyUberPitch event kicked off with more than 100 aspiring entrepreneurs pitching their ideas to some of Malaysia's top business leaders including Tan Sri Tony Fernandes, Deborah Henry, and Leon Foong

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After much deliberation, the 20 business leaders involved in #MyUberPitch have picked out their individual favourites out of the many business ideas presented to them

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However, we still need to pick out the Top 3... and this is where YOU come in! In the Ranked List below, watch the videos and Upvote your favourite pitch by clicking on the grey 'Up' button on the left.

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Note: The video's rankings will be re-ordered according to the number of votes it has gotten, as illustrated in the GIF above. Refresh the page to see the videos' current rankings.

Ready to discover the idea(s) that might change your life and even the world? Here you go...

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UPDATE, 18 Dec, 5pm: Voting is now closed. Stay tuned for the official results announcement next week!

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The voting period ends this Friday, 18 December at 5pm, so make sure you rally loads of supporters to keep your favourite pitches on top! Also, stay tuned for the announcement of the Top 3 winners next week!

Uber would like to give a big shoutout to all their partners who came together in realising #MyUberPitch - including Inti International University and Colleges, YTL Communications, and CZipLee Books and Stationery. Thank you so much for everything, this wouldn't have been possible without everyone's contributions!

Finally, we would like to thank everyone who participated in #MyUberPitch - you really helped us showcase the talent here in Malaysia and we're so excited for what's to come!

#MyUberPitch may have come and gone, but these valuable tips still rings true for all you aspiring entrepreneurs out there:

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