These AI-Powered Laundry Machines Let You Wash And Dry Your Clothes Using Your Smartphone

Suitable for delicate clothing, baby clothes, and more!

Cover image via Panasonic (Provided to SAYS)

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In this era where you can control just about anything from your smartphone, Panasonic is also stepping up its game with smart home appliances

With the release of not one, but two smart home appliances, Panasonic is dedicated to merging technology with everyday, home care applications.

Beyond all the tech updates, they're also bringing in a lot of quality-of-life (QoL) features too!

First, check out the Panasonic CARE+ Edition Washer Dryer, a washing machine and dryer hybrid equipped with a 'Hybrid Dry’ feature that boasts optimal washing and drying

Three additional features make up Hybrid Dry, which are:

- Gentle Dry
- Speed Dry
- Time Dry

The 'Gentle Dry' feature is a revolutionary method of drying because it uses the washer dryer's air intake vents to keep the air inside the drum low while drying clothes at approximately 65ºC. Moreover, it also protects delicates and prevents shrinkage. This temperature is ideal to keep clothes warm and dry without shrinking them.

There are also additional features like 'Time Dry', to manually set the drying time, and 'Speed Dry', a faster option if you're in a pinch for time.

Aside from drying features, the CARE+ Edition Washer Dryer is also equipped with Auto Tub Care that prevents mould growth and detergent residue in the tub, by using hot water while suppressing foul odours when washing your clothes.

Both the washing and drying feature of the Washer Dryer eliminates up to 99.99% of bacteria with Blue Ag+ and cold wash, as certified by the Institute of Biotechnology.

Next, Panasonic's second latest technological innovation is the CARE+ Edition Washing Machine. Yassss!

Unlike the CARE+ Edition Washer Dryer, the CARE+ Edition Washing Machine doesn't come with a built-in dryer, but it still has drying capabilities through 'Hybrid Dry Lite'. Wait, what?

Essentially, natural air is drawn through the door vents by drum rotation and heated with a 300w heater to maintain an internal temperature of 55ºC which assists in drying your laundry whenever you need it. There’s also the ‘Dry Assist’ feature which helps in drying laundry in numerous situations.

The CARE+ Edition Washing Machine uses Panasonic's Total Hygiene Care Technology to keep harmful bacteria away from your fabrics through their Blue Ag+ feature that effectively eliminates bacteria and provides a powerful anti-bacterial effect by utilising UV light and Ag Silver ions during wash.

Furthermore, it also packs StainMaster+ technology, tested by Biostir Incorporated Japan, which effectively removes various stains, allergens, mites, and 99.99% of bacteria on fabrics at ideal water temperatures.

Both the CARE+ Edition Washer Dryer and CARE+ Edition Washing Machine also optimise their washing through AI Smart Wash

AI Smart Wash uses intelligent sensors to automatically detect laundry load size and weight to adjust washing performance by selecting a wash mode with the right amount of water and duration to provide a clean, efficient wash with minimal energy use. Cool, right? :D

But the crème de la crème of these laundry machines has got to be their dedicated smart app, the Panasonic SmartApp+

Image via Panasonic

The Panasonic SmartApp+ is dedicated to making washing and drying clothes more convenient through its modern and accessible features.

For starters, you can easily download the app by scanning the QR code placed on either of these machines. You can download it from Panasonic's main website or by searching for it on Google Play and the App Store too!

There are a lot of cool features you can access once you've connected your laundry machine to the app:

- Create and customise wash settings for different types of clothing
- Operate the washer dryer or washing machine directly from your smartphone
- Get notifications delivered to your smartphone once the laundry is done
- Get notifications on errors and how to resolve them

If you want a detailed explanation on how to set up the app, you can check out the video below:

If you've been looking to upgrade your laundry machine at home, now's the ideal time to do so!

Check out Panasonic's official CARE+ Edition product page to learn more about these innovative home appliances.

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