These Smart Fitness Mirrors Monitor Your Workout Form And Track Your Milestones

You can initiate your workout just by raising your hand.

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All of us wanna be healthy and stay in shape, but sometimes that's easier said than done

Especially as a working adult, it can be hard to juggle our many growing responsibilities alongside leisure activities and time needed for self-improvement.

Thankfully, through the advancement of technology comes convenient solutions.

Introducing FITURE Malaysia's Core Fitness mirrors that will refine the way you work out

Powered by AI and Motion Engine technology, FITURE's Core Fitness Mirrors are touted as a fitness partner with a slew of fitness-oriented features to help you get fit and get moving!

You don't ever have to worry whether your form is right when you're working out with the Core Fitness Mirror

Image via tom's guide

Through its patented Motion Engine technology, the Core Fitness Mirror captures your movements and provides feedback in real-time, ensuring that every sequence, from pacing and timing to form, is done correctly.

As such, this allows you to experience an immersive and personalised workout that you can follow through even without a coach. Exercising in proper form can significantly reduce injury risk and helps you get your desired results more quickly and accurately.

Next, the Gesture Control function allows you to navigate commands through simple gestures

The smart mirror will detect your movements through its Gesture Control function even if you just raise up  your hand slightly or wave, initiating your workout session.

There's also an expansive AI-powered library of fitness exercises to browse through

The FITURE Core Fitness Mirror also features the world’s largest AI fitness library with thousands of fitness exercises spanning HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), strength training, cardio exercises, boxing, and more.

With such a wide variety of exercise regimes to choose from, you'll have no trouble finding a workout that'll help you achieve your goals.

If you want something a little more personalised, they have a paid subscription option too!

The paid membership option, which can be accessed by seven people of one household, is available for RM129 a month. It features an expansive library of exercise classes that you can choose from without limitations.

And of course, there is app support to optimise your workouts

FITURE's advanced home workout system can also be accessed by its dedicated app.

Through the app, you'll be able to look through workout options, classes, track your goals and milestones, and even synchronise it with your Bluetooth-enabled heart monitors or smartwatches!

The FITURE Core Fitness Mirrors comes in two variations, the FITURE Core and FITURE Mini

As part of FITURE Malaysia's first sales promotion which is running from now until October 19, The FITURE Core Fitness Mirror and the FITURE Mini Fitness Mirror come alongside a three-month free membership subscription.

They are available for purchase through their official store on Shopee, with prices ranging from:

FITURE Core: RM5,999 (RM6,999)
FITURE Mini: RM2,999 (RM3,999)

Follow FITURE Malaysia's official Facebook page for more details about the product

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