Feeling Warm? This Japanese Pocket-Sized Air Conditioner Is Selling Like Hotcakes

The item is referred to as a "wearable thermal device that can directly cool or warm the part of your body that the device is in contact with."

Cover image via Sony

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Currently facing an unprecedented heatwave, Japan is seeing some of the hottest days than ever before (and well, so are we).

One product from Sony seems to be making quite a stir among people trying to discover new ways to counter the hot weather.

As stipulated on their website, Sony's Reon Pocket is a "wearable thermal device that can directly cool or warm the part of the body that the device is in contact with."

Created as the result of a crowdfunding campaign back in July 2019, this gadget's continual success has had a steady growth in production, currently existing within its third generation (Reon Pocket 3). 

While Japan may be facing heat issues of their own, it seems as though this little gadget could come in handy for Malaysians too.

Image via Sony

Equipped with a thermal module and heat dissipation mechanism, this gadget is designed to be pressed against the middle of your shoulders for a flow of cool air down your spine

According to Sony, the Reon Pocket 3 is equipped with a feature that uses sensing technology, which automatically adjusts the cooling temperature of the device to suit the user's movement and the environment, "It supports both cooling and warming, so it can be used in both the summer and the winter."

Image via Sony

Conveniently enough, Sony has also created a dedicated app for the device (called RENO POCKET), for users who'd prefer controlling their own cooling power manual by hand.

The modes available include Cool, Fan, My Mode, and Warm.

Image via Sony

Sony has even created a separate dedicated neckband to place the Reon Pocket in, so it doesn't slip when you move around

Image via Sony

Furthermore, Japanese publication PR Times also stated that Sony has teamed up with several different labels, to produce a line of business attire and casual golf shirts with built-in pockets just below the collar for the Reon Pocket.

Image via PR Times

According to Sony's Hong Kong website, the Reon Pocket 3 currently retails for HKD1,499 (estimated RM840)

And as reported by Asian news publication, SoraNews24, a representative by Sony stated that the climbing temperatures in Japan has made sales "more than expected."

Image via Sony

With heat soaring throughout the nation, will you be checking out this pocket-air conditioner?

Click here to see full details of the Reon Pocket 3.

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