This Msian Man's Collection Of Classic Mobile Phones Will Make You Nostalgic For The '00s

Calling all '90s babies!

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Everyone remembers their first phone

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Like how old you were when your parents finally let you get one, the brand, the model, the colour... and even your high score on Snakes.

However, for most '90s kids, it's probably been years since they've last laid eyes on the classic phones they used to own.

Until now.

Under the name Telefon lama, a man is selling his extensive collection of old phones from the early 2000s on Facebook

Judging by the 17k shares and over 1k comments on his Facebook post at the time of writing, his penchant for hoarding nostalgic items is clearly paying off.

The majority of his collection consist of phones from the OG brand for '90s kids, Nokia

A phone that also doubled as a portable gaming console? Nokia was ahead of it's time with the N-Gage

Back in the day, these bad boys sold themselves.

According to his Facebook page, Telefon lama is letting go of the model for RM250.

A walk down Nokia memory lane wouldn't be complete without the iconic 3310 model

Launched in 2000, the granddaddy of Nokia phones introduced the world to the smash-hit mobile game, Snake II.

It's also known for being indestructible.

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

Telefon lama is letting go of this iconic model for RM95.

When one thinks of Motorolla, the sleek V3i immediately comes to mind

Limited stock of the model is being sold for RM200.

Remember Sony Ericsson?

If you had one of the now-rebranded company's phones growing up, it was probably one of these babies.

The Sony Ericsson phones Telefon lama has for sale range from RM200 to RM300 depending on the model.

Which one of these did you own? Share with us in the comments section below!

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Speaking of childhood memories, remember when we used to listen to music on an MP3 player?

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