TIME Is Quietly Upgrading Customers' Broadband Speed Up To 1Gbps

This makes TIME's 500Mbps broadband plan the most affordable in Malaysia.

Cover image via Carousell & Cdiscount

Last July, broadband service provider TIME made headlines after congratulating its main rival TM on "bringing Malaysia up to speed" with their free Unifi turbo speed upgrades

In a Facebook post that quickly went viral, the company applauded TM for "bringing Malaysia up to speed" and acknowledged that, "Ball's in our court. Stay tuned everyone." 

It seems that TIME has spent the two months since TM's announcement working on their promise, as its customers have reportedly been receiving speed upgrades as of Saturday, 29 September

According to Soya Cincau, some subscribers of TIME's 100Mbps plan at RM149/month have claimed to now be receiving 500Mbps, while others paying RM189/month for 300Mbps have reportedly been bumped up to 800Mbps.

Image via Soya Cincau

Meanwhile, some subscribers of TIME's current highest 500Mbps plan at RM299/month have claimed to be receiving double the speed at 1Gbps.

Image via Soya Cincau

With this upgrade, TIME will have the most affordable 500Mbps broadband plan in Malaysia

Image via Carousell

TIME's 500Mbps plan, at only RM149/month, is five times faster than the 100Mbps plans that are currently offered by Maxis and Unifi at RM129/month, Soya Cincau reported.

At the time of writing, TIME has yet to make an official announcement regarding the speed upgrade

Image via TIME

The current plans without the speed upgrade are still being shown on the TIME website.

TIME's surprise upgrade comes as a response to TM upgrading their speed and introducing a "basic" Unifi plan in July:

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