TM Is Offering Speed Upgrades To Streamyx Users For Free. Here's What You Should Know

This upgrade will not incur any additional cost to users' bills.

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Streamyx users, rejoice!

You can now get free speed upgrades of up to 100Mbps from TM.

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The level of speed upgrade depends on capability of the infrastructure in different areas.

The upgrade will not incur any additional cost to the existing bill for Streamyx customers. 

The company has created a section for Streamyx customers to check the level of speed upgrade they can get for their accounts

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If you're a Streamyx user within the Unifi area, you are eligible for a speed upgrade of up to 100Mbps. However, if you live in high-rise buildings, you may only be provided with a maximum speed of 30Mbps based on the available network infrastructure. 

However, Streamyx users outside the Unifi area will only receive a maximum speed of 8Mbps with this upgrade. 

Once TM has upgraded your speed, there are a few steps to take before it kicks in

According to the company's FAQ, customers have to follow the steps below to enjoy their new speed after an upgrade:

- Turn off your wireless router for 10 minutes to allow new configuration to take place.
- Test your new speed at
- Click on the 'GO' button on the front page and wait for the test to complete.

TM stated that it is working on expanding the reach of Unifi

On its website, the company said that users will be informed once Unifi is available in their areas. 

You can check your level of Streamyx speed upgrade here.

Ever wondered how Malaysia's Internet speed fare in comparison to neighbouring countries? Watch this to find out:

In July, TM announced that more than 350,000 Streamyx users in non-Unifi areas will receive speed upgrades:

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