This Space-Saving Massage Chair Can Help Soothe Your Body & Mind After A Long Day At Work

It also has five different massage styles to choose from.

Cover image via Coway (Provided to SAYS)

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Sometimes, all we need after a long day is a good massage to heal the body and soul

Some days can feel really tiring, and a massage can help. But not everyone has the privilege or time to go for a full-body massage every day, right?

In this instance, investing in a massage chair could be your next best decision, mhmmm!

The Coway Massage Chair is a space-saving massage chair dedicated to giving you that extra TLC after a long day at work

Known as one of the most prominent life-solutions companies, Coway is taking it up a notch this year with the launch of their massage chair in Malaysia.

Although it is just being introduced in Malaysia, the Coway Massage Chair is a heritage product that was initially released in Korea in 2004, and has since been perfected over the course of 19 years with a wide variety of massage chair functions that provide a wealth of benefits.

It also provides thorough full-body head-to-toe relaxation features

Tired of back pains and feeling sore all over?

The Coway Massage Chair features a 130cm massage track from neck-to-thigh and with additional rollers that extend to your calves and feet, giving you optimal massaging from head to toe!

Additionally, it also comes with full-body airbag coverage (even at the calves!) that delivers extensive pressure-relieving massage techniques to stimulate blood flow, improve elasticity, and relieve your sore and tired muscles.

There are a total of five different massage technique options that the Coway Massage Chair provides, which are:

- Kneading: To relieve knots and tight muscles
- Knocking: To relax back muscles
- Kneading and tapping: To relieve pain and tension with a gentle motion
- Tapping: To repair and speed up soft tissue growth by increasing blood flow to affected areas
- Shiatsu: To increase energy flow, a.k.a. qi

Aside from that, you don't have to worry about it taking up too much room because it's designed as a space-saving massage chair

Image via Coway

It doesn't require any extra room for reclining because it utilises a space-saving feature called Zero Wall Gap. 

Essentially, when you recline your chair, the gap between the back and the wall remains consistent  — all you need is a maximum space of 5cm from the wall behind the chair.

And if you want to recline, all you need to do is press a button on the side to activate this feature, simple! :D

Equipped with Coway's sound dampening technology, the Coway Massage Chair releases little to no sound when operating

Coway's Massage Chair is packed with their built-in sound design that doesn’t give off any annoying whirring sounds. As such, you can enjoy a nice and quiet relaxation while you wind down.

You can rest assured knowing that the massage chair will be well-maintained with Coway's 7-step massage chair care service, woohoo!

Image via Coway

To ensure that your Coway Massage Chair stays in tip-top shape, Coway also provides services from trained professionals to carry out hygiene care services through an intricate seven-step process, which consists of:

STEP 1: Disassembling leather covers
STEP 2: Vacuum cleaning
STEP 3: Reassembling leather covers
STEP 4: Surface cleaning
STEP 5: Leather polishing
STEP 6: UV sterilisation
STEP 7: Condition checking

It also comes with foot cover replacement every two years!

The Coway Massage Chair is also accessible to consumers through its easy payment plan programme! That’s right, even if you don’t plan on buying the chair outright, you can pay through a monthly installment of RM145 for up to five years.

Now that Malaysians can finally experience Coway's signature massage chair, you don't wanna miss out!

Ease your sores and back pains while feeling like a brand new you when you get the Coway Massage Chair! Learn more about the product from their official product page.

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