Save Up To RM240 And Enjoy Ultra-Fast And Consistent Internet Connection With TIME

Get the most out of your Internet experience.

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Internet so slow you feel like throwing your computer out the window?

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And whenever you've got an important conference call or perhaps an online game session planned with your friends, your Internet just decides to lose connection. So frustrating, ugh!

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Nowadays, a stable and consistent Internet connection is very important, especially when we're getting used to the new normal of staying at home as much as possible. 

If our Internet connection is slow and keeps getting interrupted, how to survive liddat? 

TIME wants to make surfing the Internet a better experience for Malaysians

With up to 1Gbps, you'll be amazed by the ultra-fast speed the broadband provider offers. You can get anything settled in just the blink of an eye!  

The brand has been consistently delivering quality results throughout the first half of 2020, making them Malaysia's Most Consistent Broadband Provider

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According to Ookla & Speedtest Intelligence, their results revealed that TIME delivered fast and consistent Internet speed from Q1 to Q2 of 2020.

Ookla & Speedtest Intelligence is a licensed web service that provides free in-depth analysis of Internet performance. The global speed test leader employs the Consistency Score metric to identify providers that deliver a consistent Internet experience.

The Malaysian Communications Multimedia Commission (MCMC) also reported that TIME maintained a consistent Internet speed of at least 85 milliseconds or less

And the broadband provider maintained this speed 100% of the time throughout 2018 and 2019!

The MCMC Network Performance Report also revealed that there was 0% Packet Loss, which means that all packets of data successfully travelled through the network to their respective destination, adding that the broadband service had the lowest latency. 

The best part is that TIME's Fibre Home Broadband packages offer you an awesome Internet experience from as low as RM99/month

Rest assured that you'll always stay connected with the broadband provider's 100% fibre network. You won't have to worry about any interruptions. Yay!

And if you opt for the Fibre Home Broadband 100Mbps package, you can get your first month of fast Internet for free! Syoknyer.

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For first-time subscribers, you can also save up to RM240 if you sign up for their 500Mbps or 1Gbps plans.

Signing up online also gets you a free Limited Edition Sony WH-CH510 Wireless Headphones, designed by local artist, "Cloakwork."* Siapa cepat, dia dapat!

*While stocks last. 

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So what are you waiting for? Save more and get the most out of your Internet experience with TIME today! Sign up now!

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