From #HeadDanceChallenge To #ExperiencePenang, Here's How TikTok Has Taken Over Malaysia

Remember #ItStartsOnTikTok!

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TikTok launches its inaugural #ItStartsOnTikTok campaign with a mission to inspire creativity and bring joy

The tech phenomenon is celebrating all the TikTok trends, stories, songs, and conversations that exploded across the Internet! The unique TikTok community has created a culture and united individuals throughout the world.

From the birth of Dalgona Coffee and the #WipeItDown challenge to the #KeSanaKeSini soundbite and the #SirenBeat challenge, there's no denying that #ItStartsOnTikTok.

Since its inception, TikTok has grown to become a vibrant, positive, and safe platform for creators to let their imagination soar and create powerful content that reaches a worldwide audience.

Whether you're appreciating art and culture, watching a food recipe, learning beauty and fashion tips, or cry-laughing at hilarious challenges... the sky's the limit on TikTok!

And Malaysian TikTok is just as vibrant and diverse as the nation itself. From creators like Harith Zazman who was discovered on TikTok through his hit song Cute, to the worldwide viral #HeadDanceChallenge that was started by Afiq Hakim.

And it's not just crazy, fun videos. TikTok has transformed into a tool to explore and experience new things too.

During a partnership with Penang Global Tourism, TikTok brought netizens on a journey to #ExperiencePenang via the app. 

Meanwhile, Malaysian culture is celebrated through campaigns like #Raya2020 and #KitaBersama for Hari Kebangsaan. Recently, TikTok launched the #thinkb4youdo to promote online safety and outline ways to combat cyberbullying.


TikTok & @experiencepenang bring you ##ExperiencePenang! Win prizes worth up to RM7K!

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Check out the best of the best from TikTok Malaysia:

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And here are the top hashtag challenges:
1. #wipeitdown - 10.2 billion views
2. #woah - 6.5 billion views
3. #Howlchange - 3 billion views
4. #sulingsakti - 217 million views
5. #PetsWave - 145 million views

“TikTok is the ultimate destination where entertaining, inspirational, and meaningful trends start; where memorable moments in life are recorded and shared, and where new talents have a chance to be discovered by the community," says Loh Kai Zhi, Head of Marketing, TikTok Malaysia

"With #ItStartsOnTikTok, we are inviting all Malaysians to share their TikTok journey with us and how it has changed their lives, as well as encourage others to try and tap on the magic that is TikTok; creating, entertaining, learning, teaching, inspiring, experiencing and so much more!”

Whether it's learning something new, joining viral dance trends, filming precious moments with family and friends, or finding your own community – #ItStartsOnTikTok. Download the app on Google Play or App Store now!

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