Pimp Your Ride With Air Kotak, Cendol Durian, And Other Quirky Malaysian Air Fresheners

Too cute to handle!

Cover image via @frescofreshners (Instagram)

If you've been searching for something that can make traffic jams a bit more bearable, look no further!

There's a Malaysian business that specialises in making super quirky air fresheners that can help you relax and enjoy long car rides.

From the same people behind Fresco Eats, Fresco Freshners is a budding homegrown brand and they're known for their super unique air freshener designs.

From left: Fresco Freshner founder Emir Ashraf and co-founders Iskandar Bukhori and Wan Obai.

Image via Fresco Freshners (Provided to SAYS)

In conjunction with National Day and Malaysia Day, the brand has launched a series of Malaysian-themed air fresheners to spruce up your car

Their designs emulate Malaysians' favourite things such as cendol durian, air kotak, teh tarik, and green tea sofuto.

If you're a bit worried about your car smelling like those things, fret not!

They actually carry classic air freshener scents.

For example, the durian cendol smells like strawberry, air kotak smells like the ocean, and the teh tarik is cinnamon-scented.

Only the green tea sofuto air freshener has a matching fragrance.

The scent from the air fresheners can last up to 14 days and they're as cheap as RM10 each

To purchase these products from Fresco Freshners, reach out to them via WhatsApp or Instagram

Have fun accessorising your car! :P

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