You Can Now Buy A 'Datuk Kong' Shrine Keychain To 'Bo Pi' You Wherever You Go

Blessing charm? How about a portable blessing shrine?

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From ikat tepi keychains to kuih kapit and siew yoke earrings, Malaysian artists sure know how to entice us into buying their irresistible collectibles

Image via SAYS

This time, a new collectible has emerged.

But instead of a work of art, this 'Datuk Kong' keychain is a work of science.

Created by the people behind The Reamers Envision, this 7cm tall and 4cm wide Datuk Kong keychain is made through additive manufacturing - or more commonly known as 3D printing.

Since its launch on 3 August, photos of the miniature shrine have gone viral on social media.

Many netizens were fascinated by the product, prompting thousands of them to tag their friends to see if they need one to bo pi (Hokkien for 'blessing') for their safety.

Speaking to SAYS, The Reamers Envision said the product idea came to them in March 2020

During brainstorming sessions, Lily, lead customer service officer of the company, said the team wanted to launch a product that promotes Malaysian culture.

"We wanted a product that buyers see pretty much everywhere in Malaysia and will always remind you of Malaysia whenever you're overseas," she said.

"Then... our product design director came out with the idea of a keychain featuring a miniature Datuk Kong shrine."

Datuk Kong refers to a local deity that can be easily found by the roadside throughout Malaysia. It is believed to have originated in Malaysia.

Lily said the response from Malaysians has been overwhelming so far

When the keychain was first listed on Shopee, it sold out in a couple of hours, causing them to delist the product momentarily. As of today, 12 August, they have over 120 units prepared to be shipped.

"That is on top of daily new orders," said Lily, who is 20 years old. "We haven't yet had a single day (where we) receive no query about it."

The team is based in Penang and they consist of seven members total, age between 20 and 25.

One piece of Datuk Kong keychain goes for RM17 currently

A photo posted by a buyer on the Shopee review section.

Image via h*****f/Shopee

The Reamers Envision is running a 15% discount on the product now. You can pre-order it at its official Shopee store here.

For more information visit their Facebook page here.

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