TM Is Finally Terminating Its Dial-Up Internet Services For Good This October

Farewell, old friends.

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Once upon a time, connecting to the Internet involved treating our ears to this glorious tune:

Sounds familiar?

The unforgettable sound of a successful connection. The undisputable inconvenience of occupying the phone line. The sheer sense of speed as web pages filled your screen piece by piece. The noise that would snitch on you if you tried to sneak online late night.

Those were the days before high-speed broadband Internet.

After the closure of Malaysia's first dial-up service provider Jaring two years ago, TM's dial-up services will be facing the axe this October

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Given the current age of high-speed broadband Internet, we were surprised to find out that TM has been offering dial-up services all these while.

TM (then TM Net) launched the 1515 dial-up service back in 1996. After two decades, the company will be shutting it down along with its login-free EZ 1315 service come 1 October 2017.

The 1523 ISDN package that offered faster Internet access will also be terminated.

TM said in an official statement that existing customers of dial-up services have the option of migrating to UniFi, Streamyx, or webebroadband

"As we strive to continuously improve our service offerings to deliver converged service experience to our customers, we would like to encourage our customers to migrate from the Narrowband services (1515, 1525 and EZnet 1315) to any of our LTE or Broadband services which provide significantly faster connectivity to suit your needs and lifestyle," the company said.

Head over to TM's website for more information.

Goodbye, 1515 and friends!

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Feeling nostalgic? Take a trip down memory lane with us as we relive some of the "best" Internet experiences we all went through back in the day:

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