Touch 'n Go Has New Rabbit Charms With NFC-Reload Capabilities & They Are CUTE!

A convenient, stylish, and functional accessory for your daily commute.

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Touch 'n Go has recently launched a new collectible NFC charm and it's both functional and adorable

Image via SAYS

The Furry Series was launched at the tail end of August, with the Rabbit being the first charm available for purchase. More furry animals will be joining the series in the coming months.

This first-of-its-kind charm is fully equipped with NFC technology and is an extension of the enhanced Touch 'n Go card

Similar to the enhanced Touch 'n Go card, this charm can be used for toll payments, train and bus fares, and parking. The best thing is that it can be reloaded through the Touch 'n Go eWallet via an NFC-enabled mobile phone, making it incredibly convenient for users.

And it's definitely a plus that it's cute!

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The Rabbit charm can be carried around easily as it can be hooked onto any bag, wallet, lanyard, or keychain

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Priced at RM30, you can get the charm at Touch 'n Go Service and Sales Centres in NU Sentral and Bangsar South, as well as online at the Touch 'n Go Official Shopee Store.

Image via SAYS

Visit Touch 'n Go's official website for more information and updates on The Furry Series: Rabbit Charm

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