Unifi Has Deployed A Pre-5G Network In Puchong That Promises Up To 500Mbps Internet

This technology moves one step closer to the country's 5G milestone.

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Yesterday, 26 March, Telekom Malaysia announced that it has introduced the country's first pre-5G wireless technology in SetiaWalk, Puchong

According to Unifi's acting Executive Vice President Moharmustaqeem Mohammed, the pre-5G via time division duplex (TDD) technology started in the fourth quarter of last year, The Star reported.

It has already entered its commercial phase at SetiaWalk, which consists of residential blocks, malls, and offices

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According to, SetiaWalk was chosen for the new pre-5G network as the variety of customers in the area offered TM the opportunity to test its new network's capability on different needs and demands.

"We are happy to say the TDD pre-5G network can deliver larger capacity at about 500Mbps, which is two times more than the existing 4G technology," he revealed.

"It gives us a step forward in providing a better service and experience to our customers in the wireless segment," he told the media at a briefing in Puchong on 26 March.

Moharmustaqeem added that this project will address ongoing infrastructure challenges in areas without fibre coverage, such as high-rise buildings and dense residential areas, by offering speed upgrades of up to 30Mbps via wireless broadband, and peak throughput may go up to 80Mbps.

This technology brings the country one step closer to its 5G milestone.

TM is hoping to introduce the pre-5G network to more users later this year, but the rollout depends on the demand and need of users in the area

"We need to have this conversation with more customers and we look to engaging with the community on the matter," he said.

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