Datuk Seri Vida Is Launching Her Own Cryptocurrency. Seriously

The business mogul is branching out from beauty products to virtual currencies.

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There's a new player in the cryptocurrency scene

Not him.

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We know what you're picturing now. This person must be some geek who wears the same shade of grey seven days a week, maybe the occasional hoodie (still grey).

This individual is nothing like that. She's flamboyant and quite over-the-top. You know her, she's a household name.

We're of course talking about Datuk Seri Dr Hasmida Othman, better known as Datuk Seri Vida.

The businesswoman who made a fortune through her cosmetics empire is reportedly launching her very own cryptocurrency called Lavida Coin.

The idea came to her when she made profit from her investments in cryptocurrencies a few years back

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"I believe the Lavida Coin is affordable and capable of generating a handsome amount of money for investors," she said, adding that a team of professionals has been recruited to help kickstart the project.

Lavida Coin is off to a good start, apparently. She is expecting the coin's value to increase significantly by year-end. 

Business magnate, socialite, lover of all things pink, occasional singer, and now a crypto mogul

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All hail the queen.

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