Here Are The 5 Most Common Misconceptions Malaysians Have About Contactless Payment

It's a lot safer than you think it is!

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Are you skeptical about using contactless payment?

People tend to have a lot of concerns and misconceptions when it comes to paying for everything with a contactless payment card.

In collaboration with Visa, we clear up the most common misconceptions about contactless payment:

Misconception #1 - "I don't get how it works. So hard lah, no need to use."

Contactless cards use NFC (Near Field Communication) technology to make contactless payments. NFC technology is also used in smartphones, smart watches, and other wearables, making it extremely convenient for consumers!

Just tap to pay. No more digging your wallet or purse for the exact amount or waiting for bulky change from the cashier.

Misconception #2 - "If I'm spending above RM250, then I can't use contactless payment. How lah?"

Actually, you CAN.

No PIN is required for transactions of RM250 and below. For transactions greater than RM250, all you need to do is tap your card against the payment terminal, and then manually enter your PIN. 

It's super simple!

Misconception #3 - "Contactless payment can only be made by card, meh?"

Nope, not true at all! Many mobile phones or wearables (like smartwatches), which are NFC-enabled support contactless payments. Imagine going to the gym without your wallet and paying for coffee with your mobile phone* after a good workout. The convenience is a dream. :D

*Availability of contactless payments for smart devices may vary by device and operating system.

Misconception #4 - "How will I even know if my card is contactless-payment-enabled?"

Most credit, debit, and prepaid Visa cards these days are contactless enabled. Just look for the contactless symbol above and you’re good to go!

Misconception #5 - "Walao, later my info get stolen, how?"

Contrary to popular belief, contactless payment cards are super safe! Contactless payments have multiple layers of security including EMV chip technology, a unique encryption that prevents cards from being counterfeited, and a short read range, meaning payments can only be made within a few centimetres from the payment terminal.

One of the greater benefits of using Visa contactless payment is the fact that the card never leaves your hand in the first place, making it much safer for all users.

With Visa contactless payment, you’ll always enjoy the benefits of quick, easy, and secure payment

No need to worry about bulky wallets, all you need is a contactless-payment-enabled credit or debit card and you’re all set! You can even use NFC-enabled smart devices to make your payments in place of your card. The convenience is infinite! :D

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