5 Websites To Help You Purchase And Ship Products From The US To Malaysia

In this week's Tech Tuesday, we compiled a comprehensive list of websites that'll help you buy and ship purchases from the US, all the way back to Malaysia.

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You've been searching high and low for this particular book for years...

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Finally, you found it on! Filled with excitement, you quickly add the book to your cart and proceed to checkout.

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Towards the end of your checkout process, you realized that 'Malaysia' is not in the drop-down list of countries shipped. Your world starts to fall into pieces...

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This scenario sounds pretty familiar right? We've all been there - the pain of buying something from the US, but only to know that the particular store doesn't ship to Malaysia. It's frustrating, especially if you've been looking for an item for a long period of time.

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To help ease the frustration, we round up a list of websites that'll help you ship your purchases from the US. Make sure you bookmark them!

1. ComGateway: Launched in 2005, comGateway provides customers with access to shop without payment or shipping barriers at over 1,000,000 U.S. online stores

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ComGateway are also the proud official service partners of American Express, PayPal, VISA and JCB, operating official sites for our partners in 7 languages and serving their cardholders in 5 continents.

ComGateway allows users to get their very own US address for free

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With the US address, users will be able to make purchases from any shopping website in the US. The US address will be in Oregon - a tax-free state, which means users will be able to enjoy tax-free shopping.

Your very own USA address provided by ComGateway.

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Tax-free shipping means shaving between 5 to 12 percent off the total cost of your products. Users can enjoy a wider product selection and lower prices for the same products. Furthermore, domestic shipping is often minimal or free.

With its BuyForMe feature, ComGateway gives you access to purchase from shopping websites that do not accept billing address outside from the US

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Go to the merchant site, key in the product details and ComGateway will take care of the rest.

Also, users could have their packages repacked to reduce shipping cost

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In international shipping, your chargeable shipping weight is dependent not only on the weight but also the size of your packages. We assess all your packages that arrive to determine if we can cut down your shipping costs by repacking. If repacking is feasible, it will be made available to you when you select your international shipping options.

Check out ComGateway here.

2. vPost: The Singapore-based vPost is one of the largest online shopping and shipping service providers in Southeast Asia

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vPost was launched by SingPost or Virtual Post was launched in 1999 by SingPost to offer customers an online channel for bill presentment and payment services to complement its network of post offices

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Like ComGateway, users can get their tax-free US address for free

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For convenience, vPost has divided US shopping websites by category

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There's also a shopping guide for users to get products, promotions and offerings across US shopping websites

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vPost brings you ideas on how to save and provides you with practices that you can apply to have a better and secure shopping experience.

vPost is currently running a promotion - sign up with your Facebook account and get 15 percent off for your first purchase!

Check out vPost here.

3. MyUS: Originally conceived as a means for expatriates to receive US catalogs and mail overseas. It is now a pioneering global company that opened US retail channels to international shoppers.

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To register for a US address, users would have to pay a fee, based on different packages

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Basic: USD10 set-up fee, with no monthly fee.

Premium: USD20 set-up fee, with a monthly fee of USD7

Premium + Mail: USD35 set-up fee, with a monthly fee of USD25

Each membership comes with its deals and offers

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MyUs members will be able to enjoy exclusive deals and coupons

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Most of the deals vary from 30% to 50% off.

MyUs claims to be the fastest shipping in the business, promising to deliver a parcel withing 7 days of receiving it

We are committed to providing the fastest shipping options available. Our team works 7 days a week to ensure shipments leave our warehouse within 24 hours, so your packages are delivered FAST!

Having problems with local customs? MyUSA will sort you out

Our long-standing relationships with the world’s leading carriers like DHL, Fedex, and UPS ensures we are alerted immediately to any local security issues or regional events that may disrupt your shipments. Thanks to our expertise, we can ship highly regulated merchandise many companies in our industry can't, like paint, aerosols, nail polish, perfume, and much more.

Check out MyUSA here.

4. borderlinx: Having a long partnership with DHL, borderlinx aims to bring you a fast, reliable and complete service

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Like most of the sites on this list, users can register for a free US address

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With a shipping calculator, user would be able to calculate accurate shipping rates - to avoid any confusion during payment

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Have more than one order to deliver? borderlinx can consolidate them!

Combine multiple orders under one tracking number so all your packages will be delivered together and you only pay the 1st kilo once.

Due to it's partnership with DHL, borderlinx promises to deliver orders within 2-5 days

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Check out borderlinx here.

5. EZIPoz: Launched by Pos Malaysia Bhd as its latest service, users will be able to shop directly from over 350,000 online merchants in the US

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Sign up for free as a member of EZiPoz via email or Facebook and you will get a US mailing address. The best part of EZiPoz is that you get 15% off your first shipment.

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With over 1,000 touch points countrywide, users can their shipments delivered anywhere within Malaysia

Check out Ezipoz here.

Of course, the sites on this list are not limited to only shopping in the US! Here are some other sites you could check out:

Have fun shopping!

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